Neependra Khare

2016-08-16 07:49:37 UTC

On August 13th at CloudYuga Garage we did [Advance Hands-on meetup on Kubernetes](


Kubernetes Advance Hands-on Meetup at CloudYuga Garage

On August 13th at CloudYuga Garage we did Advance Hands-on meetup on Kubernetes. It was paid one (INR 200) to cover the cost of Lunch and Tea. We made it paid to get confirm registration of limited people.

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We did hands-on Deployments, Horizontal Pod Scaling, setting up Nginx in front Kubernetes cluster etc. We tried Minikube as well. We had discussion around setting up Kubernetes on bare-metal, PetSets and DaemonSets.
It was a good learning for all of us. We’ll be keep doing similar workshops in future.

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