Year #2 for CloudYuga

January 03, 2018

Year 2017, had been a great and eventful year for CloudYuga and me. We evolved everyday from our on-going learning. We hit few milestones and continue to make progress. Following are few things, which kept us busy last year :-

Online Self Paced Courses

We launched/authored following online cources :-

via which we trained close ~20K people around the world.

Corporate Trainings

Last year we added clients like Cisco, VMWare, Mercedes Benz, Amdocs and few others. Assingment from new and existing clients kept us busy and helped us pay most of the bills.

Instructor Led Open Batches

In 2017, we did very less classroom trainings as managing them becomes very difficult. I did one and Shiju conducted few Go Programming workshops.

Towards the end of 2017, we did our first online instrutor led training. We could attaract participants from outside Bangalore and India, which is good. As this was the first run such training, there were few shortcomings, which I hope to resolve in next class.


As usual we organised and participated in many meetups/conferences. Some interesting ones are :-

I also got a chance to attend a Kubernetes meetup at Bay Area. It might be one off experience but based on that, I think we do better job in managing a meetup in India.

YC’s Startup School Program

I participated in YC’s first online startup school program between April to June’17. Their video lectures helped me understand - What to expect from entrepreneurship ? .

CloudYuga Acquisition

It did not happen !!!

To our surprise few product companies approached for acquisition. That is because when they talk to their customers about their products, customers first want to know about containers, Docker, Kubernetetes. By aquisition, interested companies wanted to have a training arm. With one of the company the dicussion went till the last stage but due to some unforseen reason, it did not close. I guess whatever happens, happen for good.

We spent quite a bit of time in preparing the training plans, business leads, hiring etc. Though it took away some time from me but I did learn lot things. It gave me new perspective, which will help in future for sure. I am glad that we parted ways amiably.


With the hiring experience of 2016, we were very cautious to hire new team members. We just confirm one of the intern as full time employee.

Due to the in-between phase of possible acquisition, we interviewed few candidates but those did not materialized due to failed acquisition. This was the most embarrassing experience of that acquisition process, as I had reached out to people who trusted me and in the end things did not go as expected.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam

In Sept’17, CNCF launched Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) exam. I must say the exam is chanllenging and tests to Kubernetes hands-on experience. Two of us from CloudYuga, could clear the exam. We are also planning to launch special training program for CKA in near future.


For us most of the business came from chain of trust. Though we also tried doing some active marketing :-

As a part of marketing effort, we also re-desinged our website.

Thanks to everyone, who helped us succeed in 2017. Hope to continue make progress in 2018 !!