Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup - Kustomize

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup - Kustomize

25 March 2020

In the first Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup we discussed Kustomize, which is a template free to configure applications on Kubernetes.

Earlier this week I presented at the first Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup. The topic was Kustomize, which is a template-free way to configure applications on Kubernetes. It was a hands-on session with lots of demos. All of the demos are documented at https://github.com/cloudyuga/kustomize-demo. Please go over the different branches to follow along. The meetup was recorded, which you can watch the recording at following:-

And following are the slides:-

To deploy the application with kustomize, we can either use the combination for kustomize and kubectl like following:-

or just use kubectl with the -k option, like the following:-

But during the webinar, we got error like the following:-

This was because kustomize that comes with kubectl does not take resources fields as directories. They have to be YAML files.

But with the latest version of kustomize , they can be directories as well. So as of now, it would be good to use the combination of kustomize and kubectl.

More than 150 participants registered for the event and around 70 showed up. The participants were from different cities and they appreciated this medium as they could join remotely.

We have set up the next meetup on 3rd April at 7 PM IST in which we would be covering Real-Time Kubernetes Debugging, Monitoring, and Alerting with BotKube. You can signup for the meetup here.

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