CloudYuga@Kubernetes Forum Bengaluru and Delhi

CloudYuga at Kubernetes Forum - Bengaluru and Delhi

2020-02-24 08:30:40 UTC

2019 - 4th Year of CloudYuga

Cloudyuga's 4th year journey

2020-01-01 14:02:16 UTC

Year #3 for CloudYuga

"It’s a milestone !! At-least for us. I thought if we could do for 3 years, t...

2019-01-03 13:39:03 UTC

CloudYuga@KubeCon NA'18 in Seattle

CloudYuga@KubeCon NA'18 in Seattle

2018-12-31 13:39:03 UTC

Year #2 for CloudYuga

Year 2017, had been a great and eventful year for CloudYuga and me. We evolve...

2018-01-03 13:39:03 UTC

RootConf’17 Booth’s experience and Kubernetes workshop

In the earlier blog post I mentioned that I would be doing a Kubernetes works...

2017-05-14 11:34:13 UTC


Rootconf is one of the India’s largest gathering of DevOps, Sysadmins, system...

2017-05-08 13:39:03 UTC

Docker session at Prathidhwani, Technopark, Trivandrum

Today I delivered a Docker 101 session at Trivandrum for Prathidhwani. Prathi...

2017-03-04 18:28:52 UTC

Containers Fundamentals MOOC Launch

Today is a big day for CloudYuga. We launched our first [MOOC on containers ...

2017-01-14 13:51:56 UTC

A year on my own

Today I completed one year of being on my own.

2016-12-02 12:47:42 UTC

Kubernetes Advance Hands-on Meetup at CloudYuga Garage

On August 13th at CloudYuga Garage we did [Advance Hands-on meetup on Kuberne...

2016-08-16 07:49:37 UTC

Second Paid Containers Workshop and Free Workshop in Kolkata

I did my second paid workshop in [Bangalore on 12th and 13th March](https://w...

2016-03-22 11:27:05 UTC

Left Red Hat .. Again, to start something on my own

Yesterday (2nd Dec 2015) was my last day at Red Hat. I left Red Hat in Dec'08...

2015-12-03 11:29:44 UTC

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