Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup – May’24

After a long time I spoke at the Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup last weekend. It was attended by close 150+ people at the Red Hat Office.

There were talks on GitOps, CI/CD, KEDA and Ingress. I gave a talk on CNCF and AI, in which I summarised the Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence whitepaper; which was published in KubeCon EU’24. I highlighed the importance, why a DevOps/SRE engineers needs to have some AI/ML knowledge to support MLOps/LLMOps, for which demand is going to increases in near future. Following is my presentation :-

Cloud Native & AI by Neependra Khare

The talk was well received and I got some very positive feedback about it. I also talked about the OPEA platform (Open Platform of Enterprise AI) , which is aims streamline the implementation of enterprise-grade Generative AI.

After the event we went for a Dinner and had some amazing tech and non-tech discussions.

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