Growing Old Together – K8s 10th Birthday

Few days back on 6th June’24 Kubernetes became 10 year Old and of course we all aged as well :). To be honest because of Kubernetes I could sail through my entrepreneurial journey so far and looking for many years together. Though I have not contributed much at the code front but did my bit to help people/companies to adopt it in the right way.

I got first introduced to Kubernetes when I was working with Red Hat in 2014. I was also writing my book – Docker Cookbook and running the Docker Meetup Group, Bengaluru. With those exposure I realised its potential and decided to take quit my full time job and start delivering trainings from Dec’15. I got HPE as our first direct corporate client and since then we have trained 100s of employees at companies like Intuit, Cisco, Flipkart, LinkedIN, Red Hat and many more. To deliver our interactive hands-on trainings we had also built a training platform, which completely ran on Kubernetes.

I also got the opportunity to build first ever Kubernetes course – Introduction to Kubernetes for the CNCF, which was published in 2017 on Edx. It was taken by more than 200K+ learners in the first few years. I also volunteered to develop the CKAD exam, along with other experts.

From August’23 I have also volunteered to lead the Kubernetes Book Club for the EMEA Timezone. We took our sweet time to cover our first book Production Kubernetes in detail and started the second one Machine Learning on Kubernetes in April’24.

I have attended many KubeCon’s before Pandemic and have a very fond memory of putting up CloudYuga’s booth at KubeCon’18 in Seattle. I also got the opportunity to be a CNCF Ambassador form 2019-2024 (March) and but not apply for renewal this year, due to some personal reasons. I led the Kubernetes Community Days’s Bengaluru for the last 3 years . KCD’23 was one of biggest KCD event, across the globe; which I believe played its part of bring KubeDay and KubeCon to India.

Speaking of events, we recently celebrated 10th Birthday of Kubernetes in Bengaluru at Infosys’s office on 7th June’24. We had more than 450 registrations and 350+ attended the event. In the first half we had Keynote sessions and in second half did un-conference sessions along with talks at the main hall.

I along with few others led the Cloud Native & AI un-conference, in which we discussed how Cloud Native and AI coming together. We discussed about Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence Paper, which CNCF published a few months back at the KubeCon EU’24. We also touched upon how roles like DevOps, SRE roles would transform in the AI world and how people can transition into those.

I believe the next 10 years belongs to AI and Cloud Native Technologies like Kubernetes are going to play major role. Kubernetes would become the default and we may not see as much as buzz as we see now but it would be all alive and kicking. So, cheers for the next 10 years !!!

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