Fulltime Trainer for Cloud Native Technologies


We help customers to move adapt cloud native technologies and practices via our training and consulting services.


To us, giving a training is like performing at a concert; in front of live audience. At the end of it, you are happy as you have given your best and participants are happy as they got knowledge, they were looking for.

Being a trainer for new age technologies is not an easy job. It requires constant learning, in-depth knowledge, eyes and ears to relate things and so on. We focus mostly on corporate trainings and our participants have prior industry experience; which makes continuous learning more important. A good trainer also have a excellent communication and soft-skills; which makes him/her successful.

People think that it may be not a well paying job but thats not true. If you are good at it, you would be paid well. You would have better job satisfaction as you would be travelling, meeting different people and helping them learn new stuff, good work-life balance and so on.

We are looking for team members who are passionate about helping others to learn new age technologies. Prior training experience is not mandatory but industry experience is.

What will you do ?

You would be delivering trainings to our demestic and international clients on various Cloud Native Technologies like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio etc. You would also help us buidling the training content for new courses and if interested you can be part of on-going consulting project as well.


  • As per the industry standard
  • Fixed Salary
  • Bonus, per training day

What we are looking ?

We are looking for a candidate who :-

  • is self-driven
  • good understanding of one of the cloud provider - AWS/Azure/GCP
  • 3 or more years of industry experience
  • prior training experience but not mandatory
  • excellent communication skills
  • has commitment to open source
  • has good problem solving skills

If this sounds interesting, then do apply to have further discussion.