Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA) Course

Complete Hands-On Course with Integrated Lab Environment

Course created by: Neependra Khare

Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA) Course


Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA) Course is designed for participants who are completely new to Kubernetes and would like to get into Kubernetes Administration. This course will help you understand advance Kubernetes topics like Role Based Access Control, Ingress etc; after making the sound foundation on basics.

Our course covers the complete curriculum of Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. This course starts by covering basics of Container Orchestration and then we'll introduce you to Kubernetes. We would then cover Kubernetes Architecture, it's access methods, building blocks like Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment, Label/Selectors, Services, Jobs etc. After that we would cover Network Policies, Ingress, Scheduling ConfigMaps, Secrets, Volume/Storage Management and security. We would then cover Kubernetes installation from scratch, in which we would cover configuring control place in HA mode, etcd and other components. We would then cover logging, monitoring for applications and cluster components. Towards the end, we would look at some of the cluster maintenance operations and overall troubleshooting.

In each chapter you will find exercises and quizzes, which will help you to prepare for the certification exam. This is course is completely hands-on, which reinforces all of the concepts and help you gain confidence. After completing this course you would have good working experience with Kubernetes, from the perspective of Kubernetes Administrator. You would should be able to setup/manage Kubernetes cluster, along with the applications.

So go ahead, take the course and clear the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam and become certified !!!

Targeted Audience
Anyone who is completely new to Kubernetes and want to learn it from the perspective administration and clear the CKA exam.

Basic understanding of any container technology like Docker.


10+ Hours

Skill Level



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Course Trainer

Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare is the Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga. He is an CNCF Ambassador and Certified Kubernetes Administrator. He co-authored the CNCF's official Introduction to Kubernetes course on Edx, which is now taken by more that 170000 users, around the world.