Mock Exam for CKA/CKAD - 1

Get ready before the actual CKA/CKAD exam. Attempt CloudYuga's 1 hour long mock exam on a live Kubernetes cluster.


Are you nervous about giving CKA/CKAD exam or not sure whether you prepared enough?  To overcome that anxiety and give you a taste of real exam, we have prepared this Mock Exam. This exams consists of 10 questions, which need to be attempted in 1 hour. You would be given access to a live Kubernetes cluster on which you perform operations, as instructed. Once the exam is over, we'll send you your result via e-mail. 


  • When: Any Time
  • Exam Duration : 1 hour (plus 10-15 mins to get setup ready)
  • Number of questions : 10
  • Number of attempts : 1
In the exam, we cover questions from following topics :-
  • Core Concepts
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Storage
  • Scheduling
  • Services and Networking
  • Security
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Logging-Monitoring

Table of Contents



1If I have any questions, suggestions, comments; how do I reach out?
Please feel free to email us .
2Is there any re-take for mock exam?
No. After purchasing the mock exam, you can attempt the it once. For additional attempts, you would have to re-purchase.
3Once I take the exam, how long it would take to get the result?
Ideally, you should get your result with-in a few minutes, after ending the exam. If you did not, please reach out and we’ll look into it.
4 Do I need to schedule the mock-exam in-advance?
No. After purchasing, you can give the exam anytime.
5Does the mock-exam covers Kubernetes installation questions ?
6Is there a free trial ?
As this a mock-exam, there is no free trial.
7Would I get a dedicated cluster for work on ?