Container Fundamentals with Docker

Container Fundamental Course.


In today's world when we have applications for everything we do in our daily life. We book a cab, order food, schedule an appointment with Doctor and so on. Companies, who are providing these apps are listening to their customers all the time to come-up with new features which address their concerns. In such app driven world, containers and micro-services seem to be the perfect home for an application. With containers, we bundle an application with all its dependencies and deploy it on the platform to our choice, be it Bare-Metal, VM, Cloud etc.

Containers bring benefits to all the phases of application life-cycle. So it becomes extremely important for all of us to learn about containers irrespective of our domain, be it Dev, QA or Ops. Containers have become central theme of DevOps.

This course would help you build solid foundation on container technologies. After completing this course you would be able to do container and image operations with different container runtimes, manage network and storage (volumes) with containers, build and run multi-container application with Docker, Docker APIs etc.

Once you have learned the basic with the course, you would be able to take advance topics like Docker Swarm, Kubernetes with ease.

Target Audience and what students would learn
This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about container technology. No prior knowledge is needed. In this course we will cover :

- History and building blocks of containers
- Container Runtimes - Docker
- Container operations with Docker
- Image operations with Docker
- Building Docker images with Dockerfiles
- Container networking and storage
- Building multi-container app with Docker
- Docker APIs
- Docker tips and tricks


- Access to any workstation with Linux, Mac on Windows installed on it
- Be familiar with the command line
- Basic understanding of Cloud

This course covers basics of containers technologies. After completing this course, participants would well versed with Docker and would be ready to learn about Kubernetes and other advance container topics.

Table of Contents

Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare

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