Envoy Masterclass

Have you ever wondered what Envoy is and why it is so important? Then this course is for you.


Envoy is a Proxy, which is now playing a central role in Service Meshes like Istio, Consul Connect, and so on. As it is mostly behind the scene, we tend to ignore it. But if we understand it better we can become power users of the Server Meshes. 

In this course is we are going to look Envoy basics and then we'll cover following:-

  • Envoy for TCP Proxy
  • Envoy's HTTP Connection Manager and HTTP Filter
  • Envoy as Front Proxy
  • Tracing with Jaeger
  • MySQL Filter 
  • Envoy on Kubernetes
We covered this in Kubernetes & CloudNative online meetup on 30th July'2020. Videos of this course is from that meetup only. 

To do the hands-on you would just require Mac/Windows with Docker Desktop or Linux with Docker and MInikube installed. 

Table of Contents

Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare

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