Kubernetes Application Developer Training


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Preparation Classroom Course is designed for participants who are completely new to Kubernetes and would like to get into application development with it. This course will help you understand the basics and make your ready you use Kubernetes for application development. 

Our course covers the complete curriculum of Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam. This course starts by covering basics of Container Orchestration and then we'll introduce you to Kubernetes. We would then cover Kubernetes Architecture, it's access methods, building blocks like Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment, Label/Selectors, Services, Jobs etc. After that we would cover Network Policies,  ConfigMaps, Secrets and Volume/Storage Management. We would also cover multi-container Pods design patterns like Side-car, Ambassador , Adapter and towards the end we would see how to monitor and debug applications in Kubernetes. Along the way, we'll also deploy a micro-services based application.

In each chapter you will find exercises and quizzes, which will help you to prepare for the certification exam. This is course is completely hands-on, which reinforces all of the concepts and help you gain confidence. After completing this course you would have good working experience with Kubernetes, from the perspective of application developer. You would should be able to deploy a containerized application of Kubernetes and manage it. So go ahead, take the course and clear the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam !!!

Dates and Venue

Date: 26th Jan and 1nd Feb'2020
Duration: 2 Days
Venue : Bengaluru


Working knowledge of Docker is required. Please check our Docker classroom and online trainings for more details, if you new to containers and Docker.

About the Trainer - Atul Mehrotra and Neependra Khare

Atul Mehrotra

  • Consultant at CloudYuga
  • More than 10+ IT experience

Neependra Khare

  • Founder and Principal Consultant at CloudYuga
  • Authored Introduction to Kubernetes MOOC on Edx for the CNCF,  which is taken by more than 65,000 people worldwide
  • CNCF Ambassador
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  • More than 15 years of IT experience
  • Authored Docker Cookbook ISBN: 9781783984862  in 2015
  • Ran Docker Meetup in Bangalore for more than 5 years
  • Co-authored Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies MOOC on Edx for the Linux Foundation

Course Content

  • 1-Core-Concepts

    • Introduction
    • Introduction-to-Container-Orchestrator
    • Introduction-to-Kubernetes
    • Accessing-Kubernetes
    • Pod
    • Namespace
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 2-Pod-Design

    • Introduction
    • ReplicaSets
    • Deployments
    • Labels-Selectors-Annotations
    • DaemonSets
    • Cron-and-Jobs
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 3-Service-And-Networking

    • Introduction
    • Services
    • Network-Policies
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 4-Configurations

    • Introduction
    • ConfigMaps-Secrets
    • Security-Contexts
      • Run-as-non-root
      • Linux-capability
      • Enabling-read-only-FS
      • Avoid-privileged-container
      • Host-Aliases
      • host-ipc-pid
    • ResourceQuota
    • Service-Account
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 5-Multi-Container-Pods

    • Introduction
    • Init-containers
    • Sidecar
    • Ambassador
    • Adapter
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 6-State-Persistence

    • Introduction
    • Volume-Management
    • Dynamic-Volume-Provisioning-StorageClass
    • Quiz-and-Exercise
  • 7-Observability

    • Introduction
    • Liveness-Probes-and-Readiness-Probes
      • Liveness-Probes
      • Readiness-Probes
    • Container-Logging
      • Single-container-logs
      • Multicontainers-logs
    • Application-Logging
    • Application-Monitoring
    • Quiz-and-Exercise