Assistance in hiring Kubernetes Engineer

Hiring the right talent is a universal problem, be it a startup or an enterprise. It becomes even more challenging when you have to hire someone in cutting edge technologies like Kubernetes, which is going to see wide adoption in the next few years. Let's first look at some of the challenges you are going to face in hiring the right talent.

Challenges while hiring a K8s engineer

Not having someone internally to interview

You might be starting your Kubernetes journey, so you may not have someone to interview the candidates for initial hiring; which is very critical for start the practice.

How to shortlist for interview from a pile of profiles?

As any technology becomes hot, lots of people just start updating their profiles with keywords related to that technology. It might be ok for others but definitely not for Kubernetes and other Cloud Native technologies. It is a paradigm shift and you need people who really understand things and not just superficially.

What are the right questions to ask?

Kubernetes and other Cloud Native Technologies have a lot of breadth and depth and it is difficult for one person to keep track of everything. But while hiring someone you need make sure what level of understanding the participant has and that you can only know, if you ask the right questions.

What other skills to look for?

Kubernetes does not work alone as you would need infrastructure (Cloud and On-Prem) and technology stack like CI/CD, logging, monitoring etc. So while hiring someone you need to check for such skills as well.

How CloudYuga can assist you

Save time in shortlisting

Using our Mock Exam for Kubernetes Certification CKAD/CKA, users check their readiness for the certification exam. In the mock exam, participants need to answer by doing hands-on labs.

A company can assign these Mock Exams to the interview candidates and get their knowledge check. Also, we can build custom exams based on specific requirements and keep them private.

Refer the right candidates

We train lot of people on Kubernetes and other Cloud Native Technologies. Once they get trained and certified they usually look for a change. We can refer you, such candidates.

Help in Interviewing

If your team does not have expertise or time to interview then we can help you interview the candidates on Kubernetes and other Cloud Native technologies.

If you are interested to explore further then do reach out to us at