Containers (Docker) for Dev and QA


Containers (Docker) for Dev and QA course is a self paced online course, which would help you implement end to end CI/CD pipeline using Docker, Visual Studio Code and Jenkins. In the course we would cover :-

  • Review Docker basics
  • Setup development environment with Visual Studio Code and Docker
  • Learn about Jenkins
  • Learn how to Docker to create dynamic Jenkins Slave
  • Learn how to use Jenkins pipeline feature with Docker to CI/CD flow
  • Learn about container orchestration and use Docker Swarm to setup production environment
  • Learn about end-to-end workflow from Development to Production
  • Learn about Microservices

This course follows completely hands-on approach to learn about containers. To have a consistent lab environment we have partnered with DigitalOcean to provide self service lab. Each new or existing user of DigitalOcean would get $15 credit to perform the labs.

About the Author - Neependra Khare