In this course we would cover basic and advance DC/OS, with focus on containerised applications which are deployed using Marathon framework. We would look at different concept of DC/OS and how it is related to Mesos. We would deploy DC/OS on cloud and then deploy different applications. We would explore service discovery, blue-green deployment, canary deployment and auto-scaling as well. We would also explore storage and network management with DC/OS. At last we would cover logging, monitoring and troubleshooting with DC/OS. 

Date: TBD

Venue : Bangalore

About the Trainer - Neependra Khare

Prior knowledge of Docker or any container technologies is required.

Course Content 

  • Introduction to DC/OS
    • Architecture 
    • DC/OS and Mesos
    • Features 
    • Core components 
  • Installing DC/OS on Cloud 
  • Accessing DC/OS
    • CLI
    • GUI
  • DC/OS Concepts 
    • Node
    • Cluster
    • Network 
    • Service
    • Job
    • Scheduler 
    • Packages
  • Identity and Access Management with DC/OS
  • Managing DC/OS Services
  • Deploying applications with Marathon
  • Deploy a Multi-container Application with DC/OS
  • Marathon REST API
  • Service discovery
    • Mesos-DNS
    • Named VIPs
    • Marathon-lb
  • Accessing application from the external world
    • Marathon-lb
    • Load Balancing 
  • Auto-scaling Marathon Services
    • CPU/Memory
    • Microscaling
    • Requests/sec
    • Autoscaling with Vamp.ip
  • Blue-Green Deployment with DC/OS
  • Application Health Monitoring
  • Running Stateful Services
  • DC/OS overlay network and Virtual Network
  • Logging 
  • Managing permission
  • Troubleshooting