Docker Workshop


This course covers basic and advance level of Docker. We will start looking to container fundamentals and then do a deep dive into Docker architecture, container and image operations. We will see how manage network and data with Docker. We’ll see how we can create multi container applications using Docker Compose.  We will also Docker Swarm which is a container orchestrator for Docker and would deploy application using Docker Stack. At last we would cover Docker Security, Performance and monitoring aspect as well. 

Date: TBD

Venue : Bangalore

About the Trainer - Neependra Khare

Containers (Docker) Workshop

  • Container Fundamentals
    • What/Why/Where
    • Container Vs VMs
    • Container building blocks
  • Container Runtimes
    • runC
    • Docker
    • Rkt
  • Docker Architecture
  • DockerHub/Docker Store
  • Docker Installation
  • Docker Machine
  • Docker Container Operations
  • Docker Image Operations
  • Creating Images with Dockerfiles
  • Docker Multi-stage builds
  • Setting up Internal Docker Registry
  • Data Management with Docker using Volumes
  • Docker Networking Model
  • Docker Networking Drivers
    • Bridge
    • Host
    • None
    • Overlay
    • MACVLan
  • Docker APIs
  • Building Multi-container Application with Docker Compose
  • Overview of Container Orchestrators
  • Docker Swarm
    • Setup 2-3 nodes Docker Swarm cluster
    • Deploying and scaling the application
    • Accessing the applications from external world
    • Managing secrets and configuration details
    • Docker Stack
  • Docker Security
  • Logging and Monitoring with Docker
  • Docker use-cases
    • Dev
    • QA
    • Ops
  • Docker Eco-system and Community