Online Kubernetes Workshop


In this course we will learn about Kubernetes, which is a container orchestrator. We will look at its history and current architecture. We will learn about different resources is has like Pods, Services, Deployment etc and how to use them. Apart from a basic application, we would see how we can deploy and update a microservices based application on Kubernetes. We would also discuss about access methods, Kubernetes networking, volume management and many more things. We would also look at logging and monitoring with Kubernetes.

Date: TBD

Venue : Online

Fees: TBD

About the Trainer - Neependra Khare

Course Content

  • Kubernetes History
    • Borg
  • CNCF and Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Master Nodes and its Components
    • Worker Nodes and its Components
  • Etcd
  • Installation methods
  • Kubernetes Installation on Cloud
  • Accessing Kubernetes from CLI/APIs/GUI
  • Kubernetes Resources – I
    • Pods
    • Replica Sets
    • Deployments
    • Labels
    • Selectors
  • Services
  • Deploying an Application
  • Accessing a Services
    • ClusterIP
    • NodePort
    • LoadBalancer
  • Health Checks and liveness for pods/application
  • Managing Volume in Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Resources – II
    • Namespaces
    • ConfigMaps
    • Secrets
    • Quota
  • Deploying a Microservices with Kubernetes
  • Managing Stateful Applications with StatefulSets
  • Ingress
  • Autoscaling of an Application
  • Running Batch jobs with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Scheduling
  • Kubernetes Networking
  • Blue-Green and Canary Deployment
  • Kubernetes APIs
  • Kubernetes Federation
  • Helm
  • Monitoring and Logging
    • cAdvisor
    • Prometheus
    • Heapster
    • Sysdig
    • Fluentd + ELK stack