Online Kubernetes Workshop


This course covers Kubernetes, which is the dominant container orchestrator. We will look at the history and evolution of Kubernetes and learn about different resources such as Pods, Services, Deployments, etc. This course also covers how to deploy, update, maintain microservices based applications on Kubernetes using various Kubernetes constructs. The course also discusses access methods, networking, volume management, logging and monitoring, and many more advanced topics. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the concepts discussed.

This course will also prepare you to take Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. CKA is an industry standard exam exam, which would help the individual to establish the credibility and value in the job market. This 3 hour long pratical exam is offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Registration Details

Date : TBD

Time : 9 AM IST to 5 PM IST

Venue : Online


Docker & Kubernetes was a very informative class. Neependra is very knowledgeable and kept the right pace to not only get through the Training material but More Focus is also on the Live demo, but to also answer questions. I would definitely take another class with Neependra and CloudYuga. This training session was extremely helpful. Key differentiation with Neependra is he is able to stretch extra mile by helping and advising any sort of problems and Issue in the Containers space out of the class. Keep up the good work and all the best. Satish Anandhan, IBM

About the Trainer - Neependra Khare

Course Content

  • Container Orchestration and its building blocks
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
    • Kubernetes History
    • CNCF and Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Master Nodes
    • Worker Nodes
    • Key-value store
  • Kubernetes Installation methods
  • Kubernetes Installation on Cloud
  • Accessing Kubernetes
    • CLI
    • APIs
    • GUI
  • Kubernetes Building Blocks
    • Pods
    • Replica Sets
    • Deployments
    • Labels
    • Selectors
    • Namespaces
  • Services
    • ClusterIP
    • NodePort
    • LoadBalancer
    • External IP
  • Kuberntes Networking
    • CNI Standard
    • Pod to Pod communication
    • Service to Pod communication
    • Kube-proxy
    • Kube-DNS
  • Role Based Accessed Control (RBAC)
  • Kubernetes Scheduling
  • Kubernetes Volume Management
    • Persistent Volumes
    • Persistent Volume Claims
    • Storage Class
  • ConfigMaps
  • Secrets
  • Ingress Controller
  • Running Batch Jobs in Kubernetes
  • Package management using Helm
  • StatefulSets
  • DaemonSets
  • Quota
  • Custom Resource Definition (CRD)
  • Horizonal Pod Scaling
    • Heapster
    • Autoscaling
  • Blue-Green and Canary Deployment
  • Deploying a Microservices with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Federation - Overview
  • Monitoring and Logging
    • cAdvisor
    • Prometheus
    • Fluentd + ELK stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this an online class ?

A. Yes. Though this is in an online mode but if required you are welcome to visit to our office and we can work with you clear any doubts.

Q. Is there any classroom training as well ?

A. We do offer but it is not scheduled yet. If you are group of 5, who wants to attend the please get in touch. We can schedule a classroom training.

Q. How do we do hands-on labs ?

A. Though all of the labs can be done on any Kubernetes environment, but to have a consistent environment we’ll help you set up the Kubernetes cluster on the Cloud or provide access to our cluster.

Q. Would CloudYuga provide any placement assesment as well ?

A. We do have good industry connect and if you are looking of the placement, then certainly we can help but there is no guarantee.

Q. Is there any pre-requisites to attend this training ?

A. Yes. You should be familiar with Container Technologies like Docker, rkt, Runc, kpod. Participants who register for Kubernetes class, would also get complimentory access to our self paced Containers/Docker course.

Q. Would you provide any study material ?

A. Yes. We would provide access to our course material through our online portal, which you can access 24x7. We constantly update our content, which would be available to you without any extra cost.

Q. Can I ask questions after finishing the training ?

A. Yes. We would encourage you to do that. You can connect us via email, chat etc. We have also started a webinar series called CloudSocial, via which you can do the video chat with us.

Q. For some reason if I can not attend the class, can I get the refund ?

A. Sure. Please take a look at out refund policy for the same.