Webinar : Getting started with Containers

Have you always wondered why everyone is talking about different container technologies these days ? Are containers here to stay or would be a past tech in some time.

Fortunately contaniners are here to stay and would be touch everyone involved in the software life-cycle, be is developer, QA or OPs engineer. In next few years, the would commodity. The earlier you learn, the better it would be for you.

As a newbie you might have following questions :-

  • What are containers ?
  • Why containers became talk of the town since 2013, with introduction of Docker ?
  • There is so much information availble on internet, how do I get strated ?
  • I don’t have much time, can I learn about cotainers quickly ?

About the Presenter

  • Author of Docker Cookbook
  • Docker Captain
  • Author of Kubernetes course on Edx
  • Author of container courses
  • Running Docker Meetup in Bangalore for around 4 years