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Neependra Khare

Founder & CEO

My name is Neependra Khare and I am the founder & CEO of CloudYuga. I love teaching and after writing a book on Docker –Docker Cookbook in 2015 I realized that container technology is going to change the way we develop and deploy all the applications at scale. That is when I decided to start Cloudyuga, to combine my passion for teaching and technology. Since then I have been helping individuals and companies to upskill their employees in Containers & Cloud Native Technologies. We have trained 100s for employees in companies like Intuit and Flipkart.

I have also authored the first “Introduction to Kubernetes” on Edx for the CNCF, which was taken by more than 200000 users, across the globe. I am also a CNCF Ambassadorand lead organizer of the Kubernetes Community Days, Bengaluru.

To help our learners learn, the most effective way, in the least amount of time; CloudYuga’s team has developed an experiential learning platform which combines the content & hands-on labs seamlessly. I would like to invite you to experience it using the hands-on labs & free/paid courses.

Happy Learning !!

Our Mission

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In this information overloaded world, we are on a mission to distill the information to create well defined paths with hands-on learning for our learners to have them excel in the Cloud Native world.


Our users have benefited a lot from the bootcamps

I am really grateful for the well thought and designed curriculum for the cloud engineer boot camp.

It was a great exposure to the foundations of cloud native technologies by learning Linux fundamentals, shell scripting , docker fundamentals with containerising applications.

This helped me to understand the fundamentals of networking, storage and scaling of applications in cloud native environments. It encourages collaborative learning and the course schedule is designed to provide practice time and ability to repeat lessons with video recording. Labs sessions are awesome for quick try with just a click.

Prakash Senthil Vel
Engineer @ MiniO

The bootcamp has provided me with a great introduction to the foundations of cloud native technologies, including Linux fundamentals and advanced concepts, Git & GitHub for Source Control, Bash Scripting for automating the repetitive and boring tasks, Cloud and DevOps Concepts with SDLC and Docker for Containerization.

It feels great when you know what to do and how to do? But its feels even more great if you know how everything works under the hood. Overall, The Cloud Engineer Boot-camp exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started in Cloud and DevOps Career.

Prakash Senthil Vel
Engineer @ MiniO


Neependra Khare

Founder & CEO

Budh Ram Gurung

Director of Trainings and Consultant

Oshi Gupta

DevOps Engineer and Technical Writer

Pratiksha Patel

Technical Writer Intern

Ebraj Gurung

Jr. Software Engineer