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CloudYuga's Kubernetes trainings provide hands-on knowledge necessary for operators and developers and prepare them for CKA and CKAD certifications. Their training delivery tool allowed our engineers to run the lab exercises after the training session. CloudYuga's Kubernetes trainings have proved invaluable in Intuit’s Kubernetes adoption.

Pratik Wadher
VP of Product Development - Intuit

The customised containers and docker development program by CloudYuga for Cisco engineering audience in India was very relevant and well structured. Engineering teams walked away with some really strong foundations in docker/containers development from this program and it has surely helped engineers to navigate this space with greater confidence. The course was accompanied by project consulting lab sessions that were fully hands-on right from the start which has had a positive influence on participants at Cisco. I would like to thank Neependra and the CloudYuga team for their partnership towards this successful program delivery.

Rishi Varanth
L&D, Cisco India

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Docker Training

1 Day

  1. Container Fundamentals
  2. Container Runtimes
  3. Docker Architecture
  4. Docker Installation
  5. Docker Container Operations
  6. Docker Image Operations
  7. Creating Images with Dockerfiles
  8. Working with Images Registries/ DockerHub
  9. Data Management with Docker using Volumes
  10. Docker Networking Model
  11. Docker Networking Drivers
  12. Docker APIs
  13. Building Multi-container Application with Docker Compose

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Overview

1 Day

  1. Container Fundamentals
  2. Kubernetes Fundamentals
  3. Container Orchestration
  4. Cloud Native Architecture
  5. Cloud Native Observability
  6. Cloud Native Application Delivery

Kubernetes Developer Training (CKAD)

2 Days

  1. Overview of Kubernetes Architecture
  2. Kubernetes API primitives
  3. Kubernetes building blocks
  4. Kubernetes Services
  5. Configuring Ingress for Applications
  6. Multi-container Pod Design patterns
  7. Advance Operations with Deployments
  8. Decoupling configuration with applications using ConfigMaps
  9. Managing storage requirements for applications
  10. Running Stateful applications with Kubernetes
  11. Security Considerations
  12. Resource Limiting
  13. Managing batch operations in Kubernetes
  14. Application health checks
  15. Package Management with Helm
  16. Logging, Monitoring and Debugging of applications in Kubernetes
  17. Overview CustomResourcesDefinitions and Controller.

Kubernetes Administrator Training (CKA)

3 Days

  1. Everything covered in Kubernetes Developer Training
  2. Container Network Interface (CNI) and CNI Plugins Overview
  3. Setting up StorageClasses
  4. Setting up Ingress Controller
  5. Using RBAC effectively
  6. Cluster Installation using Kubeadm (Single Master, Multi Master)
  7. Cluster maintenance
  8. Cluster Upgrades

Kubernetes Security Training (CKS)​

5 Days

  1. Everything covered in Kubernetes Administrator Training
  2. Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  3. Setting up the Ingress Controller
  4. Advanced Deployment strategies
  5. CI/CD with Kubernetes – Jenkins, GitOps & ArgoCD
  6. Service Mesh
  7. Monitoring
  8. Detailed Application and Cluster Logging
  9. Tracing Microservices using OpenTracing and Jaeger
  10. Troubleshooting and Debugging

Kubernetes Security Training (CKS)

2 Days

  1. General OS Security
  2. Images and Container Security
  3. Building Secure Cluster
  4. Accessing the Cluster Securely
  5. Deploying the applications Securely
  6. Secure CI/CD Practices
  7. Runtime Security and Auditing
  8. Attack/Defense Scenarios

Basic Go Language Training

5 Days

  1. Introduction to Golang
  2. Go language fundamentals
  3. Go package ecosystem
  4. User defined type system
  5. Concurrency Programming
  6. Working with Files
  7. Http programming
  8. Concurrency patterns
  9. Testing Go applications

Advanced Go Language Training

7 Days

  1. Everything covered in Basic Go Language Training
  2. Database(SQL) Programming
  3. RESTful APIs
  4. Developing gRPC based services

Spring Boot Microservice Training

5 Days

  1. Introduction to Microservices
  2. Designing Microservice architecture
  3. Spring Boot basics
  4. Spring Boot RESTful API
  5. JPA and Hibernate
  6. Microservices with Spring Cloud
  7. Spring Security
  8. Monitoring Applications
  9. Microservice Communication
  10. Containerize(Dockerizing) Microservices
  11. Deploy Microservice(s) on Kubernetes

Rust Training

5 Days

  1. Introduction to Rust
  2. Getting Started with Rust basics
  3. Rust Ownership and Memory Management
  4. Structuring Data
  5. Pattern Matching
  6. Packaging and Scopes
  7. Collections
  8. Error Handling
  9. Generics
  10. Testing
  11. Object Oriented Programming
  12. Functional programming
  13. Smart Pointers
  14. Concurrency
  15. Protocol Buffers and gRPC
  16. RESTful services
  17. Debugging

New Hire Training Program

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