Improving Kubernetes Audit Logs: Parseable Integration Tactics

Simplifying Cluster Security and Oversight by Using Vector Agents Kubernetes has become the standard container orchestration tool for microservice-based deployments and managing large business applications. As Kubernetes has so many features, using and managing it can be difficult, especially keeping track of activities in the cluster. The main goal of this hands-on lab is to […]

Is Kubernetes Secrets…. A Secret?

To know how one can get access to Kubernetes secrets In the previous blog, we saw how etcd works with Kubernetes and how to access etcd. Now we will be learning how etcd stores secrets and can one can access those secrets or not? As we know containerized applications running in Kubernetes almost always need some […]

Bitnami’s SealedSecrets – Hands-On Blog

Managing Kubernetes Secrets externally using the Bitnami’s SealedSecrets. Nowadays we are using GitOps for application deployment and for that we tend to put all the application’s information and configuration on Git, but can we do the same with Kubernetes Secrets YAML file on Git? The answer is definitely NO, as the Secret’s file contains just the base64 encoded value of our […]