Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 7

In this online meetup, we explored different application deployment methods o...

2020-09-27 16:18:38 UTC

What changes with the CKA exam in September 2020?

CKA course change from September 2020

2020-09-06 10:19:00 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 6

In this online meetup, we explored Envoy Basics and Envoy Powered API Gateway...

2020-08-25 11:06:56 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 5

In this online meetup, we explored how Kubernetes is being used Storage Orche...

2020-06-29 04:59:36 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 4

In this meetup, we covered Kubernetes installation method and explored manage...

2020-05-28 05:09:41 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup #3

In this meetup, we covered service discovery in Kubernetes and the dive to se...

2020-04-30 07:54:39 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup #2

This is the 2nd online meetup we did and it this we covered - Real-Time Kube...

2020-04-05 13:23:07 UTC

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup - Kustomize

In the first Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup we discussed Kustomize, ...

2020-03-25 02:21:32 UTC

CloudYuga@Kubernetes Forum Bengaluru and Delhi

CloudYuga at Kubernetes Forum - Bengaluru and Delhi

2020-02-24 08:30:40 UTC

Gardener- The Kubernetes Botanist

A blog on Gardener

2020-02-07 11:07:34 UTC

2019 - 4th Year of CloudYuga

Cloudyuga's 4th year journey

2020-01-01 14:02:16 UTC

Cloud Controller Manager

How Kubernetes Communicates with Underlying Cloud Infrastructure to manage Lo...

2019-10-11 12:42:20 UTC

Single Control Plane Cluster Setup using Kubeadm

Single master cluster setup using Kubeadm

2019-10-03 11:45:00 UTC

CKA and CKAD Classroom Training in Bengaluru - Oct'19

CloudYuga's classroom training for CKA and CKAD in Oct'19

2019-10-01 13:53:40 UTC

Annotations in Kubernetes

In this blog post we'll explore Annotations in general and how K8s uses it !

2019-09-26 12:04:28 UTC

Mock CKA/CKAD Exam

Are you ready for CKA/CKAD Kubernetes certification ? Check your preparation ...

2019-08-28 08:57:33 UTC

AWS Community Day - Bengaluru - 2019

CloudYuga at AWS Community Day - Bengaluru - 2019

2019-08-14 09:26:39 UTC

CKA and CKAD Classroom Training in Bengaluru

Announcing first ever CloudYuga's classroom training for Kubernetes Certifica...

2019-08-12 06:51:20 UTC

Upcoming Webinar - How to get CKA or CKAD Certified ?

In this webinar we'll cover why and how to get Kubernetes Certified.

2019-05-16 06:35:34 UTC

Upcoming Webinar : Why do Cloud and DevOps matter more now ?

Webinars : Why do Cloud and DevOps more now

2019-04-23 23:11:47 UTC

CloudYuga@Kubernetes Day 2019, Bengaluru

Cloudyuga@Kubernetes Day, India - 23rd March'10

2019-04-08 05:45:54 UTC

Year #3 for CloudYuga

"It’s a milestone !! At-least for us. I thought if we could do for 3 years, t...

2019-01-03 13:39:03 UTC

CloudYuga@KubeCon NA'18 in Seattle

CloudYuga@KubeCon NA'18 in Seattle

2018-12-31 13:39:03 UTC

Kubernetes Namespace 101

Namespaces are Kubernetes objects which partition a single Kubernetes cluster...

2018-11-29 16:54:08 UTC

User Authentication and Authorization in Kubernetes

User Authentication and Authorization in Kubernetes - Kubernetes Online Meetup

2018-11-09 13:39:03 UTC

CI/CD Toolsets on Kubernetes

CI/CD Toolsets on Kubernetes

2018-10-17 08:23:49 UTC

CloudYuga becomes Kubernetes Certified Service Provider and Training Partner


2018-10-07 13:39:03 UTC

CI/CD Pipelines with a Service Mesh

CI/CD Pipelines with a Service Mesh

2018-09-26 08:20:24 UTC

Docker and Kubernetes Sept'18 - Joint Meetup


2018-09-22 13:39:03 UTC

CloudYuga Joins The Linux and Cloud Native Computing Foundation

CloudYuga Joins The Linux and Cloud Native Computing Foundation

2018-09-22 13:39:03 UTC

Docker and Kubernetes August'18 Joint Meetup

Docker and Kubernetes Meetup August 2018

2018-09-05 13:39:03 UTC

Kubernetes Package Management and Cloud Native CI/CD with JenkinsX

Kubernetes Package Management and Cloud Native CI/CD with JenkinsX

2018-09-05 08:15:51 UTC

Building Blocks to run CI/CD on Kubernetes

Building Blocks to run CI/CD on Kubernetes

2018-08-08 07:36:16 UTC

Hiring an engineer for upstream contribution


2018-05-14 13:39:03 UTC

Joint Meetup - 2018

As last year, different meetup groups from Bangalore joined hands to do a joi...

2018-04-06 13:39:03 UTC

Year #2 for CloudYuga

Year 2017, had been a great and eventful year for CloudYuga and me. We evolve...

2018-01-03 13:39:03 UTC

KubeCon and ContainerNativeCon-17 Updates

Joint meetup event report to cover KubeCon and ContainerNativeCon 17 Updates ...

2017-12-29 13:39:03 UTC

Understanding Volumes in Kubernetes

"In this blog post we'll see different ways to attach external storage to the...

2017-12-20 13:39:03 UTC

Instructor led online Docker and Kubernetes training

Instructor led Docker and Kubernetes training

2017-11-29 13:39:03 UTC

Introduction to Kubernetes MOOC

On 10th July'17, the CNCF announced a MOOC on Kubernetes

2017-08-18 13:39:03 UTC

Kubernetes 2nd Bithday Celebration - Bangalore

On 29th July'17, we celebrated Kubernetes 2nd Bithday in Bangalore.

2017-08-04 13:39:03 UTC

Docker Meetup Bangalore #33

On July 1st, we hosted [Bangalore's Docker meetup at IBM's office](https://ww...

2017-07-18 13:39:03 UTC

RootConf’17 Booth’s experience and Kubernetes workshop

In the earlier blog post I mentioned that I would be doing a Kubernetes works...

2017-05-14 11:34:13 UTC


Rootconf is one of the India’s largest gathering of DevOps, Sysadmins, system...

2017-05-08 13:39:03 UTC

Microservices and Serverless Event (29th April 2017)

On 29th April’17, April 8 different meetup groups of Bangalore came tog...

2017-05-04 16:52:56 UTC

DockerCon 2017 – Austin

Wow !!! It was an amazing [DockerCon 2017](http://2017.dockercon.com). After...

2017-04-25 16:54:08 UTC

Launching Containers (Docker) for Developers and Quality Assurance online course

In January we launched our first our first online course on [Containers Funda...

2017-04-07 06:21:18 UTC

Looking forward for DockerCon 2017

I am very excited to attend the [DockerCon 2017 in Austin between 17th to 20t...

2017-04-04 13:03:31 UTC

Docker session at Prathidhwani, Technopark, Trivandrum

Today I delivered a Docker 101 session at Trivandrum for Prathidhwani. Prathi...

2017-03-04 18:28:52 UTC

Go Programming Workshop 4th and 5th Feb17th by Shiju Varghese

Last weekend on 4th and 5th Feb 2017 we hosted our 2nd Go language workshop b...

2017-02-07 13:39:55 UTC

Containers Fundamentals MOOC Launch

Today is a big day for CloudYuga. We launched our first [MOOC on containers ...

2017-01-14 13:51:56 UTC

Launching an MOOC on Container Technologies

It is my pleasure to announce that CloudYuga would be launching a MOOC on con...

2017-01-07 00:48:55 UTC

A year on my own

Today I completed one year of being on my own.

2016-12-02 12:47:42 UTC

LinuxCon ContainerCon 2016 - Berlin Germany

LinuxCon, ContainerCon 2016 in Berlin was very special for me, as this is the...

2016-10-10 11:27:53 UTC

Kubernetes Advance Hands-on Meetup at CloudYuga Garage

On August 13th at CloudYuga Garage we did [Advance Hands-on meetup on Kuberne...

2016-08-16 07:49:37 UTC

Second Paid Containers Workshop and Free Workshop in Kolkata

I did my second paid workshop in [Bangalore on 12th and 13th March](https://w...

2016-03-22 11:27:05 UTC

DevConf 2016, Brno, CZ

Devconf is one of the conference which has very good technical content. It al...

2016-02-22 11:26:14 UTC

Free Containers (Docker) Workshop - Hyderabad

Getting the audience and community space at Hyderabad was not as simple as ot...

2016-02-15 11:25:33 UTC

First Paid Containers (Docker) Workshop !!!

I did my first paid workshop in Bangalore on 23rd and 24th Jan'16.

2016-01-27 11:24:30 UTC

Report from Containers (Docker) Workshop – Chennai

After doing free workshop in Bangalore and Pune, next stop of free workshop w...

2016-01-10 11:22:48 UTC

Bangalore and Pune – Free Containers (Docker) workshop

After leaving my full time job at Red Hat, I started offering some free works...

2015-12-29 11:20:57 UTC

Left Red Hat .. Again, to start something on my own

Yesterday (2nd Dec 2015) was my last day at Red Hat. I left Red Hat in Dec'08...

2015-12-03 11:29:44 UTC

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