Neependra Khare

Neependra Khare

2019-08-14 09:26:39 UTC

CloudYuga at AWS Community Day - Bengaluru - 2019


AWS Community Day - Bengaluru - 2019

Bangalore's AWS community organised AWS Community Day, Bengaluru on 27th and 28th July. CloudYuga proudly supported the event by becoming a silver sponsor.

At our booth, during the event lots of event participants stopped by. We showcased them our training offerings and the training platform we have built. Participants primarily enquired about following :-
- Kubernetes in general
- How long Kubernetes going to be relevant ? Is it worth learning it
- Our classroom and corporate training offerings
- Kubernetes Certification CKA and CKAD

Our team thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the participants. For some of them, if was first time when they were on other side of table. It feels like being a shopowner and customers are coming to enquire/buy something. It is a unique experience to have.

We had some extra passes and to give them away we ran an online quiz on Kubernetes Security . ~150 people attempted the quiz and we gave away free passes to the winners.

I have also presented at the event and covered Kubernetes Security with some hands-on. Following are slides :-

One of the participant who came to our booth and showed interest in our offerings. While discussing we came to know he has just finished his bachelor's and looking for job as well. He followed up and now joined us as intern. Such events provide great experience and opportunities to students and newbies. I always recommend such events to students to get such exposure.

Being a start-up with limited budget, it is always difficult to decide where to spend and which event to sponsor. But we knew the organising team and that was the only factor for our decision. Kudos to the organising team to make event so engaging and successful. As a sponsor we are happy and looking forward for next year's event.

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