Git and GitHub Workshop at DSATM

In the first week of February’24 I delivered a 2 days workshop on Git and GitHub at the Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management. It was attended by around 60 students from 2nd Year of the Data Science Branch. During the workshop we covered the course content from the Cloud Engineer’s Bootcamp. We covered […]

Mastering Cloud Careers – Ebook

Mastering Cloud Careers - eBook

I have been part of many discussions in which following questions have come up again and again :- They have been answered many times by me and others. Those are available in different forums and mediums but not at one place. As adoption of cloud is going increase, I thought there is going be a […]

10 Part Webinar Series to Understand Cloud Building Blocks

Webinar series to understand different building blocks of cloud and create a private cloud from scratch As the demand for cloud computing continues to grow, the need for skilled cloud engineers has become more pressing than ever. Companies across the world are turning to cloud services to streamline their operations and reduce costs. According to Gartner, […]

First Bootcamp Graduation

Learning and experience of running two bootcamps We introduced our bootcamp program last year and I am happy to announce that 2 of the cohorts have graduated recently. It took more than 3 months (which was earlier planned) but all good things take time :). It had been an eventful journey for the entire team and there […]

Kubernetes + Cloud Joint Meetup – Nov’22

Event report of the Nov’22 joint meetup along with presentations & recording If you do a poll or ask anyone about what is the best way to learn and meet like minded people; everyone would answer that the physical in-person meetings are best. In the Bengaluru tech community we have been missing that for a […]

CloudYuga’s Cloud Engineer Bootcamps

Hands-on program to make the participants Internship/Job ready in 3 months If I look around in my circle everyone is hiring but they keep complaining that they are not getting good candidates. On the other hand, if you look at the profiles on LinkedIN, Job sites etc we’ll find a lot of buzzwords in the […]

Meetup: K8s in Production & Cost Reduction when running it on Cloud

Event report: Online Meetup to discuss about k8s challenges while running it in production and how to reduce the cost when deploying in production Last week on 12th July’22 we did online meetup of K8s and CloudNative Meetup . Following was the agenda of the meetup :- 195 people RSVPed to the event and more than 70 […]

eBPF – An Overview

Why should everyone care about eBPF? Using eBPF, we can now program the Linux Kernel dynamically and get insights, which was not easily possible earlier or were very expensive . It is changing the game in the system’s side the way JavaScript helped us bring everything on the browser. There are now many emerging use-cases […]

Introduction and Setting Up Devtron

Get to know about Devtron tool and how to set it up in a Kubernetes cluster Nowadays, Kubernetes has been widely used as an orchestrator and multiple open-source tools can be integrated with it for monitoring, debugging, automating workflows, and so on. But using and managing all these tools together with Kubernetes is difficult. So, […]