Docker and Kubernetes August'18 Joint Meetup

September 05, 2018

On 25th August’18, Docker and Kubernetes of Bangalore hosted a joint meetup at J P Morgan’s Bangalore office. More than 250 people RSVPed and ~100 people attended the meetup.

At first Rohan Gupta talk about container orchestration with ROOK. He also covered some of the basic concepts about Software Defined Storage. Rohan is justfresh out of college, but the covered the topics very well.

Next talk was from Peeyush Gupta and he touch upon many underlying concepts of storage mananement in Kubernetes like Flex Volumes. He also covered Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Third talk of talk was from Saravana, where he covered Containerized Gluster Storage for Kubernetes. He had lots of demoes to showcase on different capabilities, which the participants liked.

The last talk was from Rachit Arora, where he shared his experience of running Spark workload on Kubernetes. He listed down very specific problem he faced, which were really interesting.

We got some good feedback from the audience. I also picked up new things. Kudos Rahul and Santa for taking care of all the logistics at the venue.

In the next meetup on the 15th September’18, we will be covering CI/CD with containers. If you are around, then do signup.