Neependra Khare

2018-05-14 13:39:03 UTC



Hiring an engineer for upstream contribution

After I left my full time job, I decided to give 3 years to see if I would like to continue as entrepreneur or would join back a company. Its been 2.5 years since then. For first 1.5 years, things were just OK, we were able to cover our expenses. In last one year or so we added new clients like Cisco, VMware, Intuit, Reliance JIO and few others, which helped us getting some profits for our training business. Things are looking promising now, at-least for next two years. So, I think I would continue my entrepreneur journey, post initial 3 year commitment.

We have spent good amount of time to build our training content on Docker and Kubernetes, which has given us lots of insights to those projects. Though sharing the knowledge is one kind of contribution to the community but as an engineer, there is always an urge to do more. With our current capacity and future lined-up trainings, I don’t think, we’ll get time to dig deep into those projects and contribute back in source code. So, I decided to hire a full time person to join us for upstream contribution for projects like Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus etc.

Having a full time person for upstream contribution would not only help us contribute back to the community but it would help us gain more insights to those projects. Those insights would help us bring more and better quality training content. Things may eventually lead us for a product idea.

We are looking for a candidate who :-

  • can commit to our journey, for at-least one year
  • is self-driven
  • has commitment to open source
  • has good problem solving skills
  • has good programing knowledge

We don’t have any requirements for prior experience but lets be practical, as a start-up we can not pay huge pay outs for experienced candidate. Being said that, I think we should be able to pay decent salary for employee with 2-3 years of experience.

If this sounds interesting to you or you know someone who be would right fit, then please share our requirement. One can apply here.

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