Neependra Khare

2017-08-04 13:39:03 UTC

On 29th July'17, we celebrated Kubernetes 2nd Bithday in Bangalore.


Kubernetes 2nd Bithday Celebration - Bangalore

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On 29th July'17, we celebrated Kubernetes 2nd Bithday in Bangalore, in which
Bangalore Mesos & CNCF User Group,
Bangalore Kubernetes Meetup,
Kubernetes and Openshift participated. It was hosted at Red Hat office and around 70 people attened it.

Following was the agenda of the meetup :-

  • Overview of different CNCF Projects - Neependra Khare, CloudYuga
  • Containerd - Unplugged, Saifi Khan, Strikr
  • Kubernetes heading the OpenStack way - Krishna, Huawei
  • Federated Control Plane in Kubernetes - Irfan, Huawei
  • Kubernetes Jobs - Kumar Gaurav, VMWare
  • Moving from Docker Compose to Kubernetes - Suraj Narwade, Red Hat

Other then Kompose session, all the sessions were recorded. Though the quality of the video is not great this time.

Dhilip started the meetup by giving some introduction and then he shared the agenda. I was first to go and talked about different CNCF projects.

After that Saifi gave deep dive session on Containerd.

Next was Krishna's talk, in which he covered current Kubernetes developement and eco-system model with OpenStack. It was a very intesresting talk. Hope, we as community learn from the ealrier mistakes and don't repeat it again.

We took a small break after Krishna's session and did the cake cutting. We requested all the Female partcipants to cut the the cake.

After the break Irfan talked about Kubernetes Cluster Federation. Being a upstream developer to project, he shared some great insights.

After the cluster federation talk, Kumar Gaurav talked Kuberbetes Jobs and how itcan be used to build serverless funtions.

The last talk of the day was from Suraj Narwade about Kompose, which can help users to create Kubernetes resources using Docker Compose file.

After all the sessions we had lunch, sponsored by Red Hat. Thanks to all speakers, our host and organisers of different meetup groups to make it happen.

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