Growing Old Together – K8s 10th Birthday

Few days back on 6th June’24 Kubernetes became 10 year Old and of course we all aged as well :). To be honest because of Kubernetes I could sail through my entrepreneurial journey so far and looking for many years together. Though I have not contributed much at the code front but did my bit […]

GenAI Demos: Text and Text-to-Image Generation

In our previous post, we discussed how training models can be both costly and time-consuming. This task is typically handled by major companies such as OpenAI, Google, and Facebook.  However, we can use LLM (Large Language Model) models to develop our own applications. Experiment With OpenAI’s ChatGPT Application  Click on ChatGPT and sign up to […]

Beyond Boundaries: The Artistry of Generative AI

Currently, AI is booming in the IT industry. Everyone is talking about AI and wants to get the most out of it as AI’s transformative potential simplifies human tasks and extends its influence across various sectors. In this introductory post, we’ll learn fundamental concepts behind GenAI, uncovering how machines learn to understand and generate data, […]

Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup – May’24

Kubernetes Meetup - May24

After a long time I spoke at the Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup last weekend. It was attended by close 150+ people at the Red Hat Office. There were talks on GitOps, CI/CD, KEDA and Ingress. I gave a talk on CNCF and AI, in which I summarised the Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence whitepaper; which was published in […]

Cloud Native and Artificial Intelligence

We all know that using the Cloud Native method is the most effective way to manage Web Applications on a large scale. With the help of both public and private clouds, we have addressed all possible issues such as hardware availability, ability to grow, networking, storage, and managing multiple users, which may arise with these […]

Empowering Data Science: Running Jupyter Notebooks at Scale with Kubernetes

Introduction In today’s data-centric landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to extract insights and drive decision-making processes. Jupyter Notebooks have emerged as essential tools for data scientists, offering an interactive environment for data exploration, visualization, and analysis. However, as data volumes grow and computational demands increase, the need for scalable and efficient infrastructure becomes […]

Git and GitHub Workshop at DSATM

In the first week of February’24 I delivered a 2 days workshop on Git and GitHub at the Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management. It was attended by around 60 students from 2nd Year of the Data Science Branch. During the workshop we covered the course content from the Cloud Engineer’s Bootcamp. We covered […]

Mastering Cloud Careers – Ebook

Mastering Cloud Careers - eBook

I have been part of many discussions in which following questions have come up again and again :- They have been answered many times by me and others. Those are available in different forums and mediums but not at one place. As adoption of cloud is going increase, I thought there is going be a […]

Inside the Containerization Maze: Running Docker Within Docker Containers

Docker in Docker Image

Simplifying Development and Deployment with Isolated Docker Environments Docker is a platform that simplifies application development, shipping, and deployment processes using containerization. However, what if we can go one step ahead and enclose Docker itself inside a container as Docker allows the layer of containerization. Explore the ways of setting up a confined environment for Docker […]

Docker Tutorial : A Complete Guide for Beginners

What is Docker? At its core, Docker isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer. It is a platform that encapsulates applications and their dependencies into lightweight, portable containers. These containers, with their self-contained environments, offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling developers to build once and run anywhere — be it on a developer’s laptop, a test server, or in the cloud. […]