Git and GitHub Workshop at DSATM

In the first week of February’24 I delivered a 2 days workshop on Git and GitHub at the Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management. It was attended by around 60 students from 2nd Year of the Data Science Branch. During the workshop we covered the course content from the Cloud Engineer’s Bootcamp. We covered […]

Mastering Cloud Careers – Ebook

Mastering Cloud Careers - eBook

I have been part of many discussions in which following questions have come up again and again :- They have been answered many times by me and others. Those are available in different forums and mediums but not at one place. As adoption of cloud is going increase, I thought there is going be a […]

Inside the Containerization Maze: Running Docker Within Docker Containers

Docker in Docker Image

Simplifying Development and Deployment with Isolated Docker Environments Docker is a platform that simplifies application development, shipping, and deployment processes using containerization. However, what if we can go one step ahead and enclose Docker itself inside a container as Docker allows the layer of containerization. Explore the ways of setting up a confined environment for Docker […]

Docker Tutorial : A Complete Guide for Beginners

What is Docker? At its core, Docker isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer. It is a platform that encapsulates applications and their dependencies into lightweight, portable containers. These containers, with their self-contained environments, offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling developers to build once and run anywhere — be it on a developer’s laptop, a test server, or in the cloud. […]

Getting Started With Hashicorp Vault

To learn about the basics of Hashicorp Vault Secrets are something that contains sensitive information required for authentication and authorization that cannot be shared publicly and has to be kept secure through encryption. As in this blog, we saw that Kubernetes secrets are not encrypted and are base64 encoded only and can be easily accessed through etcd. […]

Top Key Takeaways from KubeCon NA 2023

Read about the most talked items of the KubeCon NA 2023 in Chicago A few days back, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023 wrapped up in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, at the McCormick Place West building. People from all around the world attended the event in person and virtually. The venue was filled with brilliant folks […]

Unlocking Container Sequencing: Embracing Kubernetes’ Native Sidecar

Managing Pod-Based Smooth Workflow Orchestration and Functionality Extension Kubernetes is a standard for container orchestration in the industry. Traditionally, We use a multi-container design pattern to extend the main container’s functionality but can’t control the order of container execution.  Let’s understand with a scenario, If the proxy container for logging will start after the main […]

Improving Kubernetes Audit Logs: Parseable Integration Tactics

Simplifying Cluster Security and Oversight by Using Vector Agents Kubernetes has become the standard container orchestration tool for microservice-based deployments and managing large business applications. As Kubernetes has so many features, using and managing it can be difficult, especially keeping track of activities in the cluster. The main goal of this hands-on lab is to […]

Buildx Mastery: Elevating Docker Development Across Architectures

“Transform Docker builds with Buildx: cross-architecture compatibility, faster workflows, and hands-on labs. Join us in shaping the future of containerization!” Docker offers an easy method of packaging and deploying applications, which is truly an amazing technology. Earlier, the developers built an image on one type of architecture and deployed it on the same kind of […]

Parseable-Enabled Tetragon Logs: Strengthening Kubernetes Security

Investigating eBPF-Driven Observability in Kubernetes Environments for Sensitive File Access The container orchestration standard has been taken over by Kubernetes. However, as it doesn’t offer a default observability for security to study the attacks, it raises questions about how organisations should protect their production environment. This issue is resolved with eBPF. Currently, one of the most popular […]