CloudYuga’s Cloud Engineer Bootcamps

CloudYuga's Cloud Engineer Bootcamps

Hands-on program to make the participants Internship/Job ready in 3 months

If I look around in my circle everyone is hiring but they keep complaining that they are not getting good candidates. On the other hand, if you look at the profiles on LinkedIN, Job sites etc we’ll find a lot of buzzwords in the CVs and social media posts but if you just ask  fundamental questions, we see the real depth 😊 . This is true for more than 90% of the cases. 

If I look at it from a job seeker’s point of view, he/she just wants to stand out by mentioning those buzzwords and get an interview call. But they don’t realise that by doing this they are wasting time and efforts of many people, which brings a lot of frustrations on the other side. To avoid such frustrations to the recruiting companies, we now have many companies to help funnel candidates via coding challenges, hackathons etc. So unless someone is good or takes a leap to learn the required skills, nothing happens. 

In theory whom-so-ever is passing out from the college should have the required skills but definitely they are missing in most of the cases. 

But is it good to blame the candidates for not being job ready?

I would say both YES and NOYES because the internet now gives a level playing field to everyone, so everythingis possible and we have seen some great examples. I would say NO for the following reasons :-

  • The internet is very vast and navigating it becomes a challenge by itself. Information overload.
  • In most cases the faculty in the college is not upto date with the market demand. Good faculty tends to leave the college for better opportunities. 
  • Lack of guidance and peer learning.
  • Lack of context and hands-on setup to try things easily. 

By not being job ready after college there is a lot of pressure on students and their families. After that the only option left is to get a job somehow and that’s when most students make a  decision in haste by joining a not so good program or job that’s come by, without weighing the pros and cons. Only after few a years they realize that their decision was not great but now they are stuck. 

With the aim to fix the above problems, we are taking our first step to launch this program – CY’s Cloud Engineer Bootcamp tomake candidates Internship and/or Job ready in 3 months in the Cloud Native domain. The candidate needs to do only one thing – Just follow what we are saying for the 3 months and keep learning. 

For now we want to take upto 100 candidates in the next 3 months and make them ready for an internship/job. For now the program cost is just INR 1000 to bring accountability at both ends, while we run this pilot program.  I know this is a bit ambitious but we believe in our teaching capabilities and the platform for automation.  Following are more details about the program:-


  • Get participants Internship/Job Ready
  • Give access to curated content to avoid information overload
  • Provide confidence with hands-on learning


  • Graduates who can join full time after 3-4 months
  • Working professionals wants to switch the domain to Cloud Native Technologies 
  • Someone who wants to rejoin the IT, after a break


  • Graduation in any stream
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Very good communication and written skills

What are we planning to Cover:-

  • Month #1  – Linux & Shell Scripting
  • Month #2  – Git, Overview of Cloud and DevOps
  • Month #3  – Containers & Kubernetes Overview and Interview Readiness 

Detailed Curriculum is available here.

How the program is Structured

  • Virtual, with some in-person sessions for Bengaluru candidates  
  • Completely Hands-on powered by CloudYuga’s platform
  • Mix of self-paced and Instructor led sessions

Start Dates

  • 15th August’22
  • 5th September’22
  • 11th Oct’22
  • 1st Nov’22

Cost :

  • INR 1000 – For non-working professionals 
  • INR 10000 – For working professionals 

 If you are interested or if you know someone, who would be interested then do fill the following form:-

Post applying for the program, you will be shortlisted for the interview. The interview date will be communicated through the provided email. The final 100 will be selected based on the interview performance.

Wish us best of luck 🤞 .. 

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