Docker Meetup Bangalore #33

On July 1st, we hosted [Bangalore’s Docker meetup at IBM’s office]( Around 80 participants attended the meetup.

On July 1st, we hosted Bangalore’s Docker meetup at IBM’s office. Around 80 participants attended the meetup. Following was the agenda of the meetup :-

I started the session by giving an overview of the Moby Project.

Project Moby from Neependra Khare

Project Moby from Neependra Khare

I covered how the Docker and Moby projects are different and showed a demo to create a bootable VM with [*LinuxKit*](, using the *moby-tool*.

Other than mine all the sessions were live streamed and recorded. After my talk, Ajeet took over and dived deep into the LinuxKit, where he covered the *Why* aspect of the LinuxKit and how he is using it. He has also written a [blog post about the event](, where you can find more information. His presentation can be accessed [here]( and recorded video is available at following:-

After the break, Girish talked about the state of Docker in the Microsoft world and showed us how to deploy a .NET application using Docker on Kubernetes. His slides are available here and video above.

Understanding and troubleshooting Docker networking are some of the interesting and challenging parts when we deploy Docker in production. Sreenivas covered common networking issues and shared troubleshooting tips.
His presentation is available here and video at following:-

The last talk of the day was from our first-time speaker Rathneesh on Docker multi-stage builds. His session was very well received and we got good feedback about it. His presentation is available here and video above.

In just a few hours lots of knowledge got shared. Thanks to all the speakers and our host Sudipto and Pradipta at IBM to make it happen.

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