DockerCon 2017 & #8211; Austin

Wow !!! It was an amazing [DockerCon 2017]( After spending few days in Houston I reached to Austin on 17th April to attend the DockerCon.

Wow !!! It was an amazing DockerCon 2017. After spending few days in Houston I reached Austin on 17th April to attend the DockerCon. As soon I reached I attended Docker Captains roundtable, where we discussed the Captain’s program and shared our Docker stories.

Just after the roundtable, I delivered the Learning Docker workshop based on Play With Docker with Ajeet Raina to DockerCon’s 60+ participants. We received some good feedback from our workshop.

On the 18th of April’s General Session, Docker did two big announcements:-

  • Moby Project – From the last year or so Docker Inc is trying to convert the big monolith docker binary into microservices, like using Swarmkit for Docker Swarm mode, Containerd to run and manage containers. Moby Project is created to take this effort forward by taking all the sub-components like Containerd, Swarmkit, VPNKit, Infrakit, etc as an individual component to build a container-based system. Docker Platform would be a container-based system that would be created from the Moby Project. An individual/company can build its own container-based system from it. It is been designed for system architects and not for end-users. End users don’t have to worry about anything. Their favorite _docker _command is not going away. For more details check the blog post on Docker website.
  • LinuxKit – It is a tool to build minimalistic Linux OS images to run containers. It can create a VM image to boot on hypervisor/cloud, ISO image to install on bare-metal. I think it is a great way to ship standardize Linux environments for different environments like bare-metal, VM, or cloud. With LinuxKit, we would be able to create Linux containers side by side with Windows containers on Windows, which is amazing. For more details check the blog post on Docker website.

These two announcements show Docker’s commitment to the enterprise and the community. While Docker would participate in the upstream community through individual projects, it would also build a stable product for the enterprise. Docker for enterprise was the theme of 19th April’s keynote.

In DockerCon this year, the Docker team organized a program called Moby Mingle, using which anyone could offer a short session on any given topic and interested participants can signup for 1×1 discussion. I did two offers, one on Exploring runC, Namespaces & Cgroups, and the other on Using Docker on CI/CD with Jenkins. I had interacted with 6 participants

Other than attending talks on the 18th and 19th I met different people who were on my checklist, visited different booths, and so on.

During the closing keynote on 19th, Docker shared two cool hacks, which were by the community members. One was Play with Docker, which lets the users create an on-demand Docker environment to try out Docker by Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky. Another one was FaaS (Function as a Service) by Alex Ellis, which lets the users use serverless functions on Docker Swarm.

On 20th April I attended the first half of the Containerd/Moby summit where different teams shared the updates on projects like Containerd, Infrakit, Security, Unikernels, etc.

On 21st April we had a captain’s summit in which the Docker team did two technical workshops for us. Later Solomon joined us and answered some of the questions we had

This time all Docker captains from India joined the DockerCon. Other than the conference we hanged around Austin city together. I had a great time with Ajeet and Sreenivas.

Like last time, this time I had a great time and would be looking forward to DockerCon 2018.

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