Unveiling Sidecar Containers in Kubernetes

To extend the functionality of the application container in the Kubernetes pod A Sidecar pattern can separate an application’s functionalities into different processes. With the help of the sidecar design pattern, we may expand the functionality of the main application  without modifying its codebase. From a software point of view, a sidecar is attached to a core application […]

Introduction to Confidential Containers

Get familiar with Kata containers based Confidential Containers stack Confidential Containers (CoCo) is a CNCF sandbox project which aims to integrate existing Confidential Computing (CC) infrastructure support and technologies with the cloud-native world. The following references are a good read: In this lab, we’ll be deploying the Kata containers based CoCo stack as shown in the […]

Kubernetes Community Day Bengaluru’21

In this blog I would like to share some insight about event planning, event day, outcome, post event and some other learnings. I know this is late but I have to publish this blog to formally check all the TODO’s with respect to this KCD, Bengaluru 21 event. Kubernetes Community Days, Bengaluru 21 happened on 25th […]