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What will you learn?

Bootcamp Syllabus

  1. Operating System Overview
  2. Introduction to Linux
  3. Linux system startup
  4. Managing Linux services
  5. Installation & Upgrade
  6. Package Management
  7. Text Editors and Tmux
  8. Linux Commands
  9. Linux Filesystem
  10. Users, Groups and permissions management
  11. Linux Processes
  12. Networking overview and commands
  13. System Security
  14. Basic Sysadmin Tasks
  1. Course Introduction
  2. Bash Shell
  3. Introduction to Bash scripting
  4. Input, Output and Error Redirection
  5. Conditional Statements
  6. Operators
  7. Loops
  8. Functions
  9. User input and Commmand Line Arguments
  10. Exit Statues and Return Codes
  11. Logging
  12. Debugging
  1. Introduction and Type of Version Control Systems
  2. Introduction to Git and GitHub
  3. Installation and Setting Up
  4. Git Lifecycle
  5. Git common commands
  6. Working with Git branches
  7. Working with remote repositories
  8. Git and GitHub advanced concepts
  1. ntroduction to Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud deployment and service models
  3. Cloud Building Blocks
  4. Understanding Microservices
  5. What is DevOps
  6. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  7. Understanding CI/CD
  1. Introduction to Container
  2. Getting started with Docker
  3. Working with containers using Docker
  4. orking with container images using Docker
  5. Network management with Docker
  6. Storage management with Docker
  7. Docker Compose to deploy multi-container application
  8. Introduction to Docker APIs
  1. Introduction-to-Container-Orchestrator
  2. Cloud Native Ecosystem
  3. Kubernetes Introduction
  4. Kubernetes Core Concepts
  5. Application lifecycle management
  6. Services and Networking
  7. Deploying and Exposing a Microservices Based Application
  1. Soft Skills Check
  2. Resume Building
  3. MCQ based assessments
  4. Interview with industry experts

Per week LIVE Sessions

Per week self paced

Our Bootcamp Offerings

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Doubt Clearing Sessions

Resume Building

Live and Recorded Sessions

1 to 1 Mentoring

Mock Interviews

Completely Hands-on

Quiz in every module

Completion Certificate

Project & Assignments

CloudYuga Lab Access

Community Support

Get Certified

Once you complete the bootcamp with all the requirements, you will be rewarded with the certificate for CloudYuga
DevOps and Cloud Engineer.
  • Assignments completion
  • Minimum 60% in Final Exam
  • Mock Exam completion


Our users have benefited a lot from the bootcamps

I am really grateful for the well thought and designed curriculum for the cloud engineer boot camp.

It was a great exposure to the foundations of cloud native technologies by learning Linux fundamentals, shell scripting , docker fundamentals with containerising applications.

This helped me to understand the fundamentals of networking, storage and scaling of applications in cloud native environments. It encourages collaborative learning and the course schedule is designed to provide practice time and ability to repeat lessons with video recording. Labs sessions are awesome for quick try with just a click.

Prakash Senthil Vel
Engineer @ MiniO

The bootcamp has provided me with a great introduction to the foundations of cloud native technologies, including Linux fundamentals and advanced concepts, Git & GitHub for Source Control, Bash Scripting for automating the repetitive and boring tasks, Cloud and DevOps Concepts with SDLC and Docker for Containerization.

It feels great when you know what to do and how to do? But its feels even more great if you know how everything works under the hood. Overall, The Cloud Engineer Boot-camp exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started in Cloud and DevOps Career.

Prakash Senthil Vel
Engineer @ MiniO

What's new?

Our experience tells us that by doing hands-on labs and practicing, the chance of getting concepts is quite high.


Neependra Khare
Founder, CloudYuga
Ex-Red Hat, 20 Years IT Experience.
Budh Ram Gurung
Mentor & Director of Training, CloudYuga Ex-Red Hat, 12 Years IT Experience.
Oshi Gupta
DevOps Engineer
CKA Certified.

Bootcamp Projects

There are 12 projects from small to the large which will help you give real-world
experience and build your portfolio.
Bash Script Automation​
Application Deployment Automation​
Setting up CI/CD Pipeline​
Containerize and Deploy​
Many more during bootcamp


We have primarily designed this bootcamp for working professionals, or someone returning to the workforce after a break, who are eager to embark on their technical journey in the Cloud. Though fresh graduates can join this bootcamp.
This bootcamp offers a dynamic learning experience through a combination of self-paced modules and live sessions. Each week, you will have access to engaging self-paced modules and assignments and projects to work on. Additionally, there will be live sessions on selected topics, allowing for interactive discussions and real-time Q&A. To ensure your progress, we also conduct weekly doubt-clearing sessions for personalized support and guidance.
Nothing technical. Just Willing to learn.
For working professionals we recommend minimum 6-8 hours per week, including the live sessions. Though it may vary person to person.
We will be having projects or hands-on activities for every module. Some of the examples are “Configuring passwordless login with SSH”, “Write shell scripts to automate system backup”, “Containerizing the application with Docker and deploying on Kubernetes” etc.
We take pride in equipping our learners with the skills and knowledge that are in high demand by companies. Through our valuable industry partnerships, we have direct connections with these companies. Upon successful completion of the bootcamp and clearing our mock interviews, we are thrilled to assist our learners by arranging interviews for both internships and full-time job opportunities.
Mock interviews would scheduled for all the learners who completes the bootcamp successfully. Mock interviews would be done by the industry experts to give experience of real one. Till date the learners who have cleared our mock interviews got placed with our partner companies or outside.
Your progress in the bootcamp will be evaluated based on your performance in hands-on projects, active engagement with peers and mentors, and overall participation. Upon successfully achieving a score of 70% or higher, you will be awarded the prestigious “Certificate of Successful Completion” recognizing your dedication and proficiency in mastering cloud technologies.