Build, Ship and Deploy static website with Docker

Building the static web app docker image, ship the image to Docker Hub and deploy app with Docker In this hands-on lab, we will try to build the docker image of static website, ship the image to Docker Hub and then deploy the app with Docker After going through this hands-on lab, you will gain […]

Understanding Docker Image Optimization: Techniques for Effective Deployment

To build, manage and ship the docker image easily and occupy less space when pulled locally Docker engine makes it possible to take a piece of code with all its dependency and run in a container using its image. The whole concept of image is based upon Dockerfile, a configuration file to build an image. It is […]

Hugo On Kubernetes

To learn how to deploy a blogging website using Hugo on Kubernetes Hugo is one of the most popular  open-source Static Site Generator (SSG) frameworks written in Go.  It allows developers to build fast HTML websites by combining content and templates. Visit the official documentation of Hugo to know more about it.In this blog, we will see how […]