Container Fundamentals with Docker

Build Solid Foundation on Containers
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In today’s world when we have applications for everything we do in our daily life. We book a cab, order food, schedule an appointment with Doctor and so on. Companies, who are providing these apps are listening to their customers all the time to come-up with new features which address their concerns. In such app driven world, containers and micro-services seem to be the perfect home for an application. With containers, we bundle an application with all its dependencies and deploy it on the platform to our choice, be it Bare-Metal, VM, Cloud etc.

Containers bring benefits to all the phases of application life-cycle. So it becomes extremely important for all of us to learn about containers irrespective of our domain, be it Dev, QA or Ops. Containers have become central theme of DevOps.

This course would help you build solid foundation on container technologies. After completing this course you would be able to do container and image operations with different container runtimes, manage network and storage (volumes) with containers, build and run multi-container application with Docker Compose.

Who is this course for

  • Anyone who wants to get started with Containers and Docker


  • Basic usage of Linux Commands

Introduction and Setup

Start your Docker journey with an introduction to the course and the author, along with instructions to make the most out of the course.


Welcome Course Introduction Meet Your Instructor Lab Setup Details

Introduction To Containers

This module clarifies containers, articulating their advantages over VMs and providing insights into the role of container runtimes in efficient application deployment.


Learning Objectives What are Containers? Why Containers? VMs Vs Containers The History of Containers Container Building Blocks Container Runtimes Summary Module Assignment Introduction to Containers (Quiz)

Getting Started with Docker

This module covers the Docker architecture, explores the utilization of different container runtimes by Docker, guides through the Docker Engine installation process, and introduces Docker Desktop for seamless container development and management.


Learning Objectives What is Docker? Docker's Architecture Docker Engine Docker Desktop Overview of Container Registry – Docker Hub Docker Context Summary Module Assignment Getting Started with Docker (Quiz)

Working with Containers using Docker

Working with Container Images using Docker

Network Management with Docker

Storage Management with Docker

Explore efficient storage management and learn essential techniques to optimize resource utilization and enhance containerized applications in this course module.


Learning Objectives Docker Volumes Bind Mounts – Mounting from Host tmpfs – Mounting from Memory Share Volume between Two Containers Summary Module Assignment Storage Management with Docker (Quiz)

Docker Logging

Explore Docker logging, gaining vital insights into containerized application monitoring and troubleshooting in this dedicated course module.


Learning Objectives Docker Container Logs Docker Daemon Logs Summary Module Assignment Docker Logging (Quiz)

Using Docker Compose to Deploy Multi Container Application

Docker Image Analysis Tools

Explore Docker image fundamentals and enhance your skills with the Docker Image Analysis Tool in this focused course module.


Learning Objectives Docker Dive Docker-Squash Docker Scout Summary Module Assignment Docker image analysis tools

Docker Best Practices

Deploy Different Applications with Docker

Streamline the deployment of applications written in various languages with Docker in this module, simplifying the containerization process for smooth and efficient deployment.


Learning Objectives Generate Docker Assets with Docker init Deploy Python Application with Docker Deploy Java Application with Docker Deploy Go Application with Docker Summary Module Assignment Deploy Different Applications with Docker(Quiz)

Docker APIs

Unlock the power of Docker with this module, providing a streamlined and in-depth exploration of Docker’s application programming interface for seamless integration and optimization.


Learning Objectives Introduction To Docker API Docker API SDKs Summary Module Assignment Docker APIs(Quiz)

Course Feedback

Please give us a feedback that is valuable to improve our course.


Course Feedback

Courses FAQs

  • What is the format of the self-paced content?

    The course consists of video lectures, written materials, hands-on exercises, quizzes and much more.

  • How do I access support during self-paced learning?

    You can either write to us at or reach out to us via our Discord channel.

  • Can I access the content after completing the course?

    Yes, you will have the life-time access to the content and eligible for free course update as well.

  • What are technical requirements for following the hands-on labs given with the self-paced content?

    You can do the hands-on any Linux, Mac and Windows system, ideally with 2 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM.

  • Are there assessments or quizzes in the self-paced modules?

    Yes. There are quizzes and assignment at different points to help you access your knowledge.

  • Is there a community or networking aspect in the self-paced courses?

    Absolutely. After enrolling you will given access to our Private Discord Community, where you connect with our peers and your instructors.

  • What if I don’t like the course and want my refund?

    We have two weeks of refund policy for the self paced courses. We’ll refund the entire amount without asking a question.