Kubernetes 101

Kubernetes 101
k8s101 | Cloudyuga
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In this course we’ll be covering basics for Kubernetes. We’ll start by learning its architecture and explore different building blocks like Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment etc. We would then explore the Service object and see how we can expose our applications with different configurations. 

This is a completely free course with the hands-on demos, which you can try on your local workstation simultaneously. So don’t wait, just sign up and start your Kubernetes journey the right way !!

Who is this Course For

Developers, System Administrators, Managers, DevOps with no prior knowledge of Kubernetes


  • What, Why and Where to use Kubernetes (20 mins)
  • Kubernetes Architecture (20 mins)
  • Kubernetes API Primitives (20 mins)
  • Kubernetes Building bloks like Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment (60 mins)
  • Kubernetes Services (40 mins)
  • Deploying a multi-tier application on Kubernetes (30 mins)

Introduction and Setup

Start your Docker journey with an introduction to the course and the author, along with instructions to make the most out of the course.


Course Introduction1 Author’s Introduction Lab Setup Details Create your own Kubeadm Kubernetes Cluster Download the supporting files

Core Concepts

Application Lifecycle Management

Services and Networking

Dive into the module, empowering beginners to harness the full potential of container orchestration through Kubernetes services


Kubernetes Services ClusterIP Service Type NodePort Service Type LoadBalancer Service Type Exercises Services and Networking (quiz)