Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA)

Complete Hands-On Course with Integrated Lab Environment
Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA) Course | Cloudyuga
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Kubernetes for Administrators (CKA) Course is designed for participants who are completely new to Kubernetes and would like to get into Kubernetes Administration. This course will help you understand advance Kubernetes topics like Role Based Access Control, Ingress etc; after making the sound foundation on basics.

Our course covers the complete curriculum of Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. This course starts by covering basics of Container Orchestration and then we’ll introduce you to Kubernetes. We would then cover Kubernetes Architecture, it’s access methods, building blocks like Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployment, Label/Selectors, Services, Jobs etc. After that we would cover Network Policies, Ingress, Scheduling ConfigMaps, Secrets, Volume/Storage Management and security. We would then cover Kubernetes installation from scratch, in which we would cover configuring control place in HA mode, etcd and other components. We would then cover logging, monitoring for applications and cluster components. Towards the end, we would look at some of the cluster maintenance operations and overall troubleshooting.

In each chapter you will find exercises and quizzes, which will help you to prepare for the certification exam. This covers all concepts with hands-on demos, most of which you can follow on your local development environment. After completing this course you would have good working experience with Kubernetes, from the perspective of Kubernetes Administrator. You would should be able to setup/manage Kubernetes cluster, along with the applications.

So go ahead, take the course and clear the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam and become certified !!!

Who is this Course for

Anyone who is completely new to Kubernetes and want to learn it from the perspective administration and clear the CKA exam.


  • Basic understanding of any container technology like Docker
  • Familiarity with the Linux basic commands

Introduction and Setup

Start your Docker journey with an introduction to the course and the author, along with instructions to make the most out of the course.


Course Introduction Author's Introduction Download the supporting files

Setting Up Kubernetes Lab

Core Concepts

Application Lifecycle Management

Services and Networking



Deep dive into the module and learn about the volume management for your Kubernetes applications


Module Slides Introduction Static Volume Management Dynamic Volume Provisioning StatefulSets Exercises Storage (quiz)

ConfigMaps and Secrets

Authentication and Authorization

Installation Configuration Validation


Cluster Maintenance

Explore how you can maintain and upgrade your Kubeadm-based Kubernetes cluster


Introduction Kubernetes Cluster Upgrade Cluster Maintenance ETCD Backup Restore Exrecises Cluster Maintenance (quiz)


Learn different ways to troubleshoot your Kuberentes applications and cluster


Application Troubleshooting Cluster Troubleshooting Exercises Troubleshooting (quiz)


Ease your work by learning about the Package manager of Kubernetes in this module


Introduction Installation Helm Charts Create a Helm Chart from Scratch Helm Chart Repositories

Additional Content

Explore the basics of Kubernetes with a focus on practical YAML tips and tricks to enhance your understanding and proficiency in this beginner-friendly course module.


YAML Tips and Tricks

Courses FAQs

  • What is the format of the self-paced content?

    The course consists of video lectures, written materials, hands-on exercises, quizzes and much more.

  • How do I access support during self-paced learning?

    You can either write to us at connect@cloudyuga.guru or reach out to us via our Discord channel.

  • Can I access the content after completing the course?

    Yes, you will have the life-time access to the content and eligible for free course update as well.

  • What are technical requirements for following the hands-on labs given with the self-paced content?

    You can do the hands-on any Linux, Mac and Windows system, ideally with 2 CPUs and 8 GB of RAM.

  • Are there assessments or quizzes in the self-paced modules?

    Yes. There are quizzes and assignment at different points to help you access your knowledge.

  • Is there a community or networking aspect in the self-paced courses?

    Absolutely. After enrolling you will given access to our Private Discord Community, where you connect with our peers and your instructors.

  • What if I don’t like the course and want my refund?

    We have two weeks of refund policy for the self paced courses. We’ll refund the entire amount without asking a question.