Year #3 for CloudYuga

“It’s a milestone !! At-least for us. I thought if we could do for 3 years, then there is no going back. And here we are.”

It’s a milestone !! At-least for us. I thought if we could do it for 3 years, then there is no going back. And here we are. 2018 had been a great year for CloudYuga. Following are some of the things, which kept us busy:-


Around the year we delivered in the classroom, online (self-paced/instructor-led) training. I traveled for more than 100 days to delivered training in different parts of India, the US, the UK, and Canada. We add few more customers and continued working with older customers.


We did hourly consulting to a few companies and individuals. In some cases, it was free of cost as well.


Meetups and Conferences

We actively participated in local meetups, conferences. We also did a few free and paid workshops for different meetup/conferences.


We did few webinars under CloudYuga. Apart from that, we did a webinar series on “CI/CD with Kubernetes” for DigitalOcean, in which we covered:-
– Building Blocks to run CI/CD on Kubernetes
– Kubernetes Package Management and Cloud-Native CI/CD with JenkinsX
– CI/CD pipelines with a service mesh
– CI/CD Toolsets (Circle CI, GitOps, ArgoCD)

Indexing KubeCon Videos

We indexed different KubeCon’s videos into a single place, to help us and others. It was not much of an effort but maybe a useful one.
– KubeCon EU
– KubeCon China
– KubeCon NA

MOOC Courses Updates

We updated two courses on Edx, for the Linux Foundation:-
– Introduction to Kubernetes
– Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies


In 2018, we also started contributing code to upstream projects like Istio


All of the new technologies are great but the learning curve is very high. While delivering the training on them, we need to very cautious about time. If the participants spend a lot of time doing copying/pasting, following the instructions back and forth; then we can not cover a good amount of topics. To spend more time in topic discussion and less time in repetitive tasks, we spend some time automating that.

K8s runner

k8s-runner was the first version of the tooling effort. It was built on top of the bash and did the job pretty effectively.

CY-Pilot – SaaS based tool

After seeing the effectiveness and feedback from our clients, we started investing in a SaaS-based tool using which we can deliver course content, videos and labs from a single tab of browser. We are already using this for the last few months and it can be accessed from here. We’ll be launching freer and paid courses for everyone, after merging it to the main website; later this month.


Some other learnings

  • While dealing with companies, do not assume things and work on blind trust. Things should be on paper and make sure you do not deviate from it. Due to this negligence, we wasted time and in the end, did not get fully paid as well.

The year 2019 is already here. Let’s see how it unfolds !!

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