Containers Fundamentals MOOC Launch

Today is a big day for CloudYuga. We launched our first [MOOC on containers technologies.

Today is a big day for CloudYuga. We launched our first MOOC on containers technologies – Containers Fundamentals. It has been a great learning experience. Though I was doing open batches and getting some corporate training I had to say NO many times because I could not be at two places at the same time. Also, I can not travel around all the time and deliver training. Like anyone, I wanted to scale and that is when I decided to go online.

After deciding to go online I saw that there are lots of online courses available on Docker on different platforms. So why should someone come to our platform? One thing was clear that we should bring some additional value. We tried to do that three ways:-

  1. We covered container fundamentals in detail so the participants would get a solid foundation on container technologies.
  2. Though Docker is the primary focus in the course we covered runC and Rkt as well.
  3. We partnered with DigitalOcean so that every participant would get the same lab environment.

It took around 6 months to come to today’s launch. It was an interesting journey and we hit a milestone today. This is the beginning and we’ll be coming up with more courses in the coming months.

Today I announced the course publicly first time at Digital Ocean meetup, where I have talked about Docker 1.13, which would be releasing soon. Thanks to DigitalOcean for collaborating with us for the MOOCs. In the evening we had a small launch party at our office with few friends.

It is an uncharted territory for me that might open up different avenues. Only time will tell. I am happy that I did this and would be doing a few more pretty soon. Happy learning !!!

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