Kubernetes + Cloud Joint Meetup – Nov’22

Kubernetes + Cloud Joint Meetup - Nov'22

Event report of the Nov’22 joint meetup along with presentations & recording

If you do a poll or ask anyone about what is the best way to learn and meet like minded people; everyone would answer that the physical in-person meetings are best. In the Bengaluru tech community we have been missing that for a while but now we are back with a bang 🤟. 

Following different meetup groups came together and we did our first joint meetup after a very long time on the topic which interests everyone –  Kubernetes & Cloud

The event happened on 5th Nov’22 and we had close to 700 signups, from that about 300 showed up, which is huge for a community event like this.  Thanks to Microsoft Reactor for sponsoring the venue and subsidized food. 

We have got 44 CFP submissions and from that we could choose only 8 due to time constraints. Following are details of different sessions we did on that day :-

Speaker Session Title and Presentation
Shankar Ramanathan, SRE at VonageShift Left, Fail fast with K8s IAC
Joinal Ahmed, AI Consultant at Google CloudWhy Kubernetes is Great for Data Science Workloads
Vivek Sridhar, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft Build, Deploy and Scale microservice apps with Azure Container Apps
Pradipta Banerjee, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red HatVirtualised Containers in Public Cloud
Kishore Jagannath, Strategic cloud engineer at GoogleMulti Cluster architecture with GKE
Kannan Anandakrishnan, Lead Reliability Engineer at Arcesium Monitor and fix the common issues causing failures, evictions of pods in Kubernetes
Srinivasa Vasu, Field Engineer at YugabyteA tale of two distributed systems – Kubernetes and YugabyteDB
Vishwa Krishnakumar, CEO at ZendutyMonitoring K8s – Choosing the Right Metrics for Noiseless Alerting

Timestamps for above video :-

Timestamps for above video :-

It was great to do and attend the in-person event after a long time. Thanks for all the speakers, attendees and meetup ogranizers to make this event a success. There was great energy throughout the event. Do share your feedback, comments with us to do more events like this. It just got restarted .. let’s learn and share together 🙌 .

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