Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup #2

This is the 2nd online meetup we did and it this we covered – Real-Time Kubernetes Debugging, Monitoring and Alerting with BotKube

Last Friday on 3rd April’20, we did the 2nd meetup of Kubernetes & Cloud Native online meetup. In this meetup we covered two topics:-

This time ~180 participants did RSVP and ~70 showed up during the live event. In my session, I covered some of the basic kubectl commands which we can use to debug and monitor applications & the cluster. Then I showed a quick demo of Prometheus and Grafana.

After that Prasad introduced us BotKube, which is like a chatbot to provide real-time monitoring, debugging, and alerting for the apps and one/more k8s clusters. He demoed its installation, integration with Slack, application’s monitoring & debugging, existing filters, and connecting to more than one cluster. He also gave us pointers to write custom filters and their roadmap. Recording of the event is available at following:-

Following are slides from my presentation:-


And following are slides from Prasad’s session:-


I think we should keep this meetup to cover intermediate and advanced topics with demos. There is already enough content available to cover basic topics. Following are some of the topics that I would this group to cover in the next meetups:-

  • Exploring Kubernetes Managed ServicesAKSGKEEKSDOKS
  • AKS
  • GKE
  • EKS
  • DOKS
  • Exploring Open Policy Agent
  • Introduction to API Gateway
  • Enabling Single Sign-On(SSO) Kubernetes with OIDC
  • Understanding Requests & Limits
  • State of Storage Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Backup and Restore
  • Service Discovery with Consul
  • Managing Kubernetes with Ansible
  • And many more

And we would need volunteers to pick up topics from above and present. Do let me know if you or someone else would be interested to present. Looking forward to seeing you at the next online meetup !! So join the meetup group now.

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