Launching an MOOC on Container Technologies

It is my pleasure to announce that CloudYuga would be launching a MOOC on container technologies on 14th Jan 2017.

It is my pleasure to announce that CloudYuga would be launching a MOOC on container technologies on 14th Jan’2017.

The first course is on Containers Fundamentals which we will help participants to build a solid foundation on container technologies by covering topics like container history, building blocks, container runtimes and so on. In the coming months, we’ll be launching courses for specific domains Dev, QA and Ops.

These courses would follow a completely hands-on approach and make sure everyone has the same environment to work in, we have partnered with DigitalOcean to provide a self-service lab environment. DigitalOcean would provide $15 credit to its new and existing users.

In the first course Containers Fundamentals, we are planning to cover the following:-

  • History and building blocks of containers
  • Container RuntimesrunCDockerRkt
  • runC
  • Docker
  • Rkt
  • Container operations with runC, Docker and Rkt
  • Image operations with Docker and Rkt
  • Building Docker images with Dockerfiles
  • Container networking and storage
  • Building multi-container app with Docker
  • Docker APIs
  • and much more.

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