LinuxCon ContainerCon 2016 – Berlin Germany

LinuxCon, ContainerCon 2016 in Berlin was very special for me, as this is the first time I represented my company [CloudYuga]( as a speaker in an international conference.

LinuxCon, ContainerCon 2016 in Berlin was very special for me, as this is the first time I represented my company CloudYuga as a speaker at an international conference. The event was scheduled between 4th to 7th Oct.’16.

Got my #linuxcon #containercon 2016 #speaker batch. @cloudyuga #berlin

— Neependra Khare (@neependra) October 3, 2016

I reached there on 3rd Oct’16 and got a chance to meet Jim Zemlin Executive Director of The Linux Foundation. On 4th, during the keynote Solomon Hykes, Founder and CTO of Docker open-sourced Infrakit, which is a toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure. It is currently used in Docker for AWS and other similar solutions. Later in the day, I attended sessions on Comparing Container Orchestration tools by fellow Docker Captain Adrian Mouat, [Cgroups]( session by Michael Kerrisk and Microservices vs Reverse-Proxy via Emile Vague. In the evening I attended the speaker and sponsor’s party at House of Weekend, Berlin.

On the 5th I spent most of the time preparing for the container orchestration workshop on the 7th. Though I attended few sessions like Getting started with Mesos Marathon by Brenden Matthews, OCI session by Qiang Huang, Docker Orchestration via Aaron LehmannPhil Estes talk on container security and Migrating traditional & existing app on the container by Scott McCarty. In the evening I attended the 25th Anniversary of Linux Celebration The Great Orangery at Charlottenburg Palace. There I got the chance to meet Dan Kohn, Executive Director of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation and discussed the course I did for Linux Foundation, earlier this year.

tbt to last night getting fancy at #LinuxCon w/ #DockerCaptain @estesp @jonasrosland @neependra @rhein_wein

— Jenny Burcio (@TheBurce) October 6, 2016

On the 6th attended after attending one or two sessions I joined fellow Docker Captains for Jerome Docker Swarm workshop. After the workshop, Solomon joined us for Q &A. He shared an interesting perspective on Docker – Docker which has been there for quite some time and Docker which is now evolving …

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— Victor Coisne (@vcoisne) October 6, 2016

After that, we had Docker Captain’s party at some nearby restaurant.

On 7th I delivered the hands-on session on container orchestration, in which I covered Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos Marathon. For Docker Swarm and Marathon I gave instances on DigitalOcean to each participant. For Kubernetes, I created a cluster on Google Cloud and had a namespace created for each participant. I heard some good feedback about the workshop after the session was over.

My session is about to begin 

at #containercon #docker #swarm #kubernetes #mesos #marathon #berlin

— Neependra Khare (@neependra) October 7, 2016

After the session, I went to attend the Docker Distributed Summit for rest of the day. The summit had very good technical content. All of the videos are recorded and would be shared soon. I could not attend the second day of the Summit as I had come back on the 8th.

As always this had been a great experience. Learned a lot, met many interesting people and made some new friends.

People have been asking me who is funding your foreign trips as I attended DevConf in Brno, CZ and DockerCon in Seattle earlier this year as well. I have been funding my own trips, which I think as investments. I got few leads from this conference as well. Hope I am on the right path by doing so. Let’s see if I would have another blog post for an overseas conference or not.

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