Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 6

In this online meetup, we explored Envoy Basics and Envoy Powered API Gateway Gloo from solo.io

Envoy Proxy is undoubtedly becoming the backbone of modern service to service communication and that is what we discussed in the 7th Kubernetes & Cloud Native online meetup on 30th July 2020. We explored the following:-

The recording of the event is available at following:-

Following are slides from my session:-


Due to some technical issue, all of my demos did not work. So I have recorded from my of another training session, which can be found at following:-

and here are the slides from Christian’s session:-

002 a solooverviewjul2020-ceposta from Neependra Khare

Christian’s session was very informative and we received some very positive feedback. Solo.io is doing a deep dive in series on Envoy, which you can look here.

If you want to try on the hands-on labs on Envoy then you can check out our course on that here. All you would require is a system with Docker Desktop.

In the next meetup on 12th September we would be exploring OpenShift, using its community distribution OKD, and see different application deployment methods. Then we cover CI/CD on OpenShift using ArgoCD. You can sign up here.

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