The Rise in the Adoption of Cloud-Native Technology and the Growing Demand for Cloud-Native Engineers in 2022:

In this blog we covered the demand for Cloud Native Engineers with latest job survey reports.

Cloud is rapidly taking over traditional servers and database systems. And the world is clever not to miss recognizing it — the top companies acknowledged the vitality of cloud-based applications and began investing in cloud technology. 

Due to the cost-cutting technology and the profitable ROI for investors, cloud-native technology has become the preferred option for IT companies. 

A latest report from Tigera’s survey(2022) conducted with 300 security and IT professionals from around the world reveals that 3 out of 4 companies are moving towards cloud-native applications. 

Even Non-IT Companies Feel The Craze!

The moment is reaching optimum. Even a non-IT company like Boeing has recently joined as a platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Like Boeing, many non-IT companies joined as CNCF members after witnessing the evident demand for cloud-native architecture. 

CNCF has expanded its platinum membership with the giants like Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Google Cloud, Fujitsu, Microsoft Azure, Huawei, VMWare, SAP, Red Hat, and to name a few. 

Growing Demand and Supply.

Slash Data, in its report developed for CNCF,  revealed that one million cloud-native developers have entered the market in the last twelve months, adding to the population to reach 7.1 million. (Source: Container Journal

However, the demand for cloud-native engineers is also growing substantially. It is evident from the Gartner reports. 

According to Gartner Analysts, “More than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute on their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies.”

Cloud-Native Jobs Today!

CNCF job board has listed a line of job opportunities(free to apply) which display a variety of positions available for cloud-native engineers. Roles include Kubernetes Engineer, Kubernetes Platform Engineer, Junior and Senior DevOps Engineer, Cloud Data Analytics Engineer, etc. 

Survey on ‘Demand for Open Source Skills’ by The Linux Foundation

A recent Open Source Job report by The Linux Foundation shows that Cloud and container technology skills remain the most in-demand this year, with 69% of employers seeking hires with these skills, and 71% of open source professionals agreeing these skills are high demand. 


Based on the survey, Employers and Open Source professionals consider Cloud/Container technologies as the top job market where open source skills are in demand, followed by Linux & DevOps.

Source: The Linux Foundation
Source: The Linux Foundation


Survey on ‘Which knowledge areas impact the decision when hiring or promoting’ shows that most hiring managers expect a skill set in Cloud/Container Technologies.

Source: The Linux Foundation
Source: The Linux Foundation


According to the survey, 69% of employers prefer certified professionals.

Source: The Linux Foundation
Source: The Linux Foundation

Pay Range for Cloud-Native Engineers in India and the US.

Reports from Ambitionbox say that the salary for cloud developers in India ranges between ₹2.6 lakhs and ₹28.7 lakhs, with an average salary of ₹9.0 lakhs per annum. 

Also, reports that the salary for cloud developers in the US ranges between $87,675 and $150,000, with an average annual salary of $130,000.

And what’s More Interesting?

Platform9 surveyed 500+ participants from 450 unique companies and stated, “Cloud-native hiring continues to be in priority in 2022”.

Amongst DevOps, cloud platform engineering, and security, cloud-native developers find top hiring investments for 2022.

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