Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup – May’24

Kubernetes Meetup - May24

After a long time I spoke at the Bengaluru Kubernetes Meetup last weekend. It was attended by close 150+ people at the Red Hat Office. There were talks on GitOps, CI/CD, KEDA and Ingress. I gave a talk on CNCF and AI, in which I summarised the Cloud Native Artificial Intelligence¬†whitepaper; which was published in […]

Cloud Native and Artificial Intelligence

We all know that using the Cloud Native method is the most effective way to manage Web Applications on a large scale. With the help of both public and private clouds, we have addressed all possible issues such as hardware availability, ability to grow, networking, storage, and managing multiple users, which may arise with these […]

Machine Learning on Kubernetes – Containerizing a Model

Containerizing an ML Model

In the 3rd session of “Machine Learning on Kubernetes” Book Club session we discussed how we can take a machine learning model and containerize it. You can find more details about the series and previous two recording here. We started the session by doing the quick review of Machine Learning and then looked a basic […]

Empowering Data Science: Running Jupyter Notebooks at Scale with Kubernetes

Introduction In today’s data-centric landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to extract insights and drive decision-making processes. Jupyter Notebooks have emerged as essential tools for data scientists, offering an interactive environment for data exploration, visualization, and analysis. However, as data volumes grow and computational demands increase, the need for scalable and efficient infrastructure becomes […]

Inside the Containerization Maze: Running Docker Within Docker Containers

Docker in Docker Image

Simplifying Development and Deployment with Isolated Docker Environments Docker is a platform that simplifies application development, shipping, and deployment processes using containerization. However, what if we can go one step ahead and enclose Docker itself inside a container as Docker allows the layer of containerization. Explore the ways of setting up a confined environment for Docker […]

Docker SBOM: Keeping a Check on Security Risks

Understand SBOM and how Docker SBOM generates a list of software of the container images to prevent any threat. The Log4j vulnerability and SolarWinds supply chain attack have made us realize that software supply chains are at great risk of being targeted by attackers. The Docker SBOM helps detect these risks. Software supply chain security comprises everything required to build, deliver […]

Build, Ship and Deploy static website with Docker

Building the static web app docker image, ship the image to Docker Hub and deploy app with Docker In this hands-on lab, we will try to build the docker image of static website, ship the image to Docker Hub and then deploy the app with Docker After going through this hands-on lab, you will gain […]

Kubernetes vs Docker

Kubernetes vs Docker: Why not Both? In this article, we will discover the most widely used tools in the modern cloud-native container ecosystem: Docker and Kubernetes. Though Docker and Kubernetes are often used together, the most common question asked is Kubernetes or Docker. The answer is neither. Our comprehensive will give you a better understanding and help […]

Understanding Docker Image Optimization: Techniques for Effective Deployment

To build, manage and ship the docker image easily and occupy less space when pulled locally Docker engine makes it possible to take a piece of code with all its dependency and run in a container using its image. The whole concept of image is based upon Dockerfile, a configuration file to build an image. It is […]