CloudYuga@Kubernetes Forum Bengaluru and Delhi

CloudYuga at Kubernetes Forum – Bengaluru and Delhi

The CNCF foundation organized Kubernetes Forum in Bengaluru and Delhi on 17th and 20th Feb’2020 respectively.  There were more than 2000 participants in Bengaluru’s event and around 1000 in Delhi one. Cloudyuga was one of the bronze sponsors at Bengaluru’s event. Though I spoke at both the events and presented a talk “Noobernetes 201 – Getting Ready for Production”.

Many attendees of the Bengaluru’s Forum visited our booth and inquired about our offerings, which are:-
Corporate Training on Container and Cloud-Native Technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio, etc
Classroom training
Online Self-paced and Instructor-led training
*  Mock CKA/CKAD exams

During the interactions, we also showcased our training platform and distributed kubectl cheatsheets as well.  Some participants were also interested in using the platform for different use cases like hiring, putting custom courses, etc. 

During the Bengaluru’s event, we also organized an online quiz on Kubernetes and gave away Amazon Gift Coupons worth INR  2000 to the following three winners:-
* BonyM Jose
* Keerthana Kutti
* Shivam Goel

Following is the recording of the talk I did in Bengaluru:-

Recoding for the Delhi one is available here.  During Delhi’s event, I met some of the participants who took our CloudYuga Kubernetes courses and gave some great insights to improve existing courses and upcoming courses.  This is very much appreciated and we will be working to improve our course delivery.

To be honest I was not expecting such a great turnout (2000+) at Bengaluru’s event, given that the registration fee was on the higher side. Kudos to the CNCF team for pulling that off. But compared to Bengaluru’s event, the Delhi event was better organized. Hope we could do better next year. 

While we are, I would mention the Bengaluru’s Kubernetes Community is organizing Kubernetes Community Day on 27th June’2020. More details would come out very soon. 

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