CloudYuga’s Cloud Engineer Bootcamps

Hands-on program to make the participants Internship/Job ready in 3 months If I look around in my circle everyone is hiring but they keep complaining that they are not getting good candidates. On the other hand, if you look at the profiles on LinkedIN, Job sites etc we’ll find a lot of buzzwords in the […]

Meetup: K8s in Production & Cost Reduction when running it on Cloud

Event report: Online Meetup to discuss about k8s challenges while running it in production and how to reduce the cost when deploying in production Last week on 12th July’22 we did online meetup of K8s and CloudNative Meetup . Following was the agenda of the meetup :- 195 people RSVPed to the event and more than 70 […]

eBPF – An Overview

Why should everyone care about eBPF? Using eBPF, we can now program the Linux Kernel dynamically and get insights, which was not easily possible earlier or were very expensive . It is changing the game in the system’s side the way JavaScript helped us bring everything on the browser. There are now many emerging use-cases […]

Introduction and Setting Up Devtron

Get to know about Devtron tool and how to set it up in a Kubernetes cluster Nowadays, Kubernetes has been widely used as an orchestrator and multiple open-source tools can be integrated with it for monitoring, debugging, automating workflows, and so on. But using and managing all these tools together with Kubernetes is difficult. So, […]

The Lesser Known Side of Kubernetes API

To learn what Kubernetes APIs are and to do RESTful Operation The Kubernetes API server is one of the core components of the control plane which helps in exposing the Kubernetes API. This API server serves different HTTP(REST) API endpoints which allows end-users to do different RESTful operations, to interact with different components of the cluster. At the bottom level, everything in the Kubernetes […]

Kubernetes Community Day Bengaluru’21

In this blog I would like to share some insight about event planning, event day, outcome, post event and some other learnings. I know this is late but I have to publish this blog to formally check all the TODO’s with respect to this KCD, Bengaluru 21 event. Kubernetes Community Days, Bengaluru 21 happened on 25th […]

Updated CloudYuga Website

We have upgraded website Hi Friends. Today we have upgraded our website to new setup to have many new features. We’ll publish a detailed blog post about that. There are still few rough edges, which we are fixing now.  Everyone’s enrolment on older website is still valid on the new platform. But if you […]

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Online Meetup # 10

In this meetup covered Kubernetes Networking and explored some of the Kubectl plugins. In this meetup, We covered Kubernetes Networking and explored some of the Kubectl plugins. Following was the agenda. It was a rare opportunity to learn from Murali Reddy, who is the author of the CNI Plugin kube-router. He has over a decade […]